France quarantined

Schapps is being ruthless. 

Does this mean you cannot go to France until lifted, or does it just mean you have to quarantine on return? If the latter assume that’s no biggie for people with WFH jobs. What does it mean for travel insurance? Does travel insurance matter in the EU if you have EHIC?

FCO advice is currently against all foreign travel except for places on the exemption list. France (and the Netherlands and Malta and some others) have been taken off the exemption list. 


You can go but you have to quarantine on return. Dunno re travel insurance - presumably invalid 

Good. It's ducking ridiculous the borders are even open, let alone allowing countries off without quarantine.

And presumably that means future flights likely to be cancelled. 

Dux that was a point worth making at the end of February (when I did). It isn't now 

God I'm glad I got Venice in when we did. It was a perfect time away, enjoyable luxury not too busy and no quarantine threats.

Right now with Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium etc going on to lists with little/no notice it seems reckless to book a holiday or go on one.

Was that when you were still only predicting 45 deaths? 

Dux how many did you predict? I think it was 250 

I kind of have to agree with ducks - until we have our own numbers under control we should close all the borders. this piecemeal stuff is ridiculous

Yes, but I soon acknowledged my stupidity and have done so repeatedly since. 

or properly enforced quarantine for necessary travel

people will just have to go a year without a fvcking holiday in the middle of a global pandemic 

Monaco also added to the list.  Surely if you lived in Monaco, you'd stay there.

It wasn't stupid. It was entirely achievable, as your sainted jacinda has shown. Whether taking the measures to achieve that would have been a good thing overall is another matter entirely. 

now do stop being a tit it's boring 

You've long since lost any credibility. Your confidence is in inverse proportion to your judgement. 

Dude why do you struggle so much to understand I don't value your good opinion? Are you really that arrogant? 

You don't like me, fine noted. whatever 

I don't dislike you. I think you need to show some humility about your catastrophically erroneous prediction. That's why people continue to take the p*ss, not because you got it wrong.

Everyone on that thread was wrong, no one had shown any 'humility' it's just become a pathetic rof meme for something to make you all feel you belong or something. This isn't the cheers bar, these aren't your friends. Give over 

I'm afraid that attitude explains the reaction of 99% of people on this board towards you.

Tbf if we let people in from France everyone in the UK might die. 

It's only sensible. 

Hoolie, good god woman. We all adjusted our opinions. Except you. Your grave is so deep you're in danger of breaching Victoria's quarantine. 

Do you have a fucking klaxon that goes off or something when someone starts tedeing along this line?

i don't need to 'revise my opinion'. If I was insisting that only 50 people had in fact died you might have a point. I very obviously have not. Now shut it 

I am well pissed off by this. Was wanting to cube home again in a week.

this was apparently justified because the risk of catching coronavirus in france has increased “materially” - their cases per 100,000 people have increased by 66%! Sixty-six! From absolutely fuck all to one point six six times absolutely fuck all!

Heh. Thicky still thicking. If in doubt, spit it out.

Ta Canadian btw.

thought ur usual rule was to swallow, m88

why don’t u tell them, if it’s a concern to you?

ps like anyone believes you’re not wanking like a bandit into your own beard while left hand typing, u joker

And it's Laz vs Cookie, shaping up to be a good one, as Laz breaks out the bj refs early

Remember it's only "quarantine" if you're returning from France. Otherwise it's just "sparkling isolation"

He’s gone too early. Looks messy. Contract cleaner to Aisle 5 please. 

I know someone who’s gone to France and his boss is in his 70’s and diabetic and has told him not to come back to work for three weeks after he gets home to be on the safe side!

I've been looking at flights to see if I can get back before the rule comes in at 4am but there isn't really anything that will work for me.

Urgh what a PITA tom

quarantining for 14 days wouldn't be that big a deal I don't have to go to the office anyway. It's the risk of getting caught in foreign mentalness that's the problem. 

I think we are going to have to cancel. I have found a bargainous hotel as well, was so looking forward to it 

I know someone who’s gone to France and his boss is in his 70’s and diabetic and has told him not to come back to work for three weeks after he gets home to be on the safe side! 

Nice selfless boss there, sails. 

It has been obvious for a while that France was going to go on list soon, the risk should have been factored into any decision to go so (and some people interviewed have admitted) don't have much sympathy for those  over there complaining now.


Just need Croatia to stay off the list for another couple of weeks

They want to keep everyone on Daily Mail island so people don't realise how profoundly sh1t it is.  If people go to France they might see the proper infrastructure and stuff.  

It was blindingly obvious in France a couple of weeks ago that they are not fcking this up as badly as the UK is.  Their economy seems quiet rather than dead.

Schapps is being ruthless. 


Supreme Chancellor Cummings is being ruthless..... but to get "Exams Fiasco" off the front pages

not to stop Covid spread (and possibly as a fuck you french tourist industry but not sure on that front)

Buzz, off to Pula.


was planning a day across in Venice but they don’t seem to be starting the ferries up

Looks very nice, never been that far north.  Must check it out sometime. Presumably you don't mind naked Germans everywhere though?

As long as they don’t mind a pale naked Brit it should all be fine

Been to Istria, that was pretty decent and Adriatic thunderstorms are amazeballs


maybe be more worried about greece, france and cyprus squaring up to them over drilling in greek waters there Abbs

I thought it was Turkey squaring up to Greece for drilling in Greek waters?  Turkey is a fucking disgrace.

Ps poor Buzz, his 7.11 deserved a little heh and you all ignored it

Who’s this little turd on the news complaining? What did you expect ffs?

If you're able to work from home then the 14-day quarantine on return from France doesn't seem like much of an issue.  The bigger problem will be if France impose a corresponding 14-day quarantine on arrivals from the UK, which I think is what they did before they were added to the exemption list, so I assume they'll do the same again.  It wouldn't be a very fun holiday if you have to spend 2 weeks trapped in your hotel room / airbnb / rented chateau.

quarantine is a big deal Shiny, it is not going out at all, no exercise no shopping, nothing, for entire family for 2 weeks.   I personally do not think a holiday is worth that even if you can WFH

The title of this thread reminds me of the apocryphal headline :

"fog in channel: the Continent cut off"

I suppose we will be back to calling it then Continent" soon 

not leaving the house for 14 days

nothing is worth that

factor of 1 million if you have kids

presumably if the house has a few fields attached you can get outside in those?

asking for a friend ...

Eh? Why can't you stay at home for 14 days? Most things are still shut anyway.

But how many people will do that Guy?
Plenty will WFH and not go into work I'm sure but I doubt very many will completely isolate for 14 days as they are meant to.

I'd be interested to know how many people have actually been fined for breaching quarantine rules and to what extent checks are being carried out.  I'd be amazed if the rules on quarantine are being enforced in any meaningful way or complied with at all.

It’s all bollocks. Few if anybody will be fined. You’d have to be Clergs level of Covid dumbfvckery to pay any attention to this at all.

I naively believe most people obey the law.  Particularly if you are a solicitor who may have much to lose by breaching it

People are being called to check they are home apaz

Not yet I think Guy certainly not nationally, but I think one or two local authorities are starting to do that.  Local enforcement might be more meaningful.

For sure anyone who is a solicitor is in a different situation no question, but I think most people will bend the rules or go into grey areas when it comes to quarantine.  It's probably not so much breaking the law in minds of many as ignoring it because the law just isn't being enforced.

My neighbour went to Portugal regardless and came back and spent two weeks living lockdown style with food delivery and working from home and two kids marauding around the garden as they would during school holidays.  However,  he was on a zoom meeting and ignored the quarantine people trying to check in on him so they called local plod round to make sure he was at home.

I must be in the fortunate position of not hating my family so much that I don't view staying at home with them for 14 days to be much of a hardship. 

FAOD I'm not planning on going to France or any of the other countries that aren't on the official 'safe' list, but if I were dead set on a holiday to one of them then I wouldn't be put off by having to quarantine in the UK when I got back.  It's the threat of having to quarantine while I'm there that would be more problematic, and that seems to be what a lot of people are overlooking.

Indeed, and whilst Holland have said they will not retaliate SHP the French have not decided yet, and it's plausible they will retaliate in that way.  

It is not about hating ones family it is about avoiding house arrest for 2 weeks - sure if you are lucky enough to have a big garden and easy access to food delivery it is less irksome than otherwise but still a big imposition that I would not  think a week or two in France or Spain is worth.  Keep in mind it is far stricter than even the height of lockdown

The chap I know who’s been told to quarantine for three weeks has gone to sit round a lake in France fishing and I can’t understand giving up three weeks’ pay to go fishing.

Enforcement is sporadic.  Even if Plod come round they have no powers of entry.

The mood music seems to be they will make 3 visits before referring you to someone, somewhere for 'non compliance'.

Even then, I would just say I was on a Zoom meeting or having sex, or something.  

If you are a solicitor I think breaching would be stupid - it may only be a fine as punishment but I think the Sra will be interested and would probably involve duty to self report.  

Even if you're quarantining/ self isolating you're allowed to go to the shop if there is no one to bring you food. I doubt even the SRA would care that you went to Sainsbury's tbh 

not leaving the confines of your house for 14 days is a big ask, I adore my family, but this would be shit.

the dog would be mega pissed off too

I am not interested in the morals of it thuggy - just the practical reality 

the government guidance on gov UK says no to that Linda, doubtless you have another source?

You can get food and medicine in “exceptional circumstances” but I think you would need to prove you tried and failed to obtain delivery services from shops and the volunteer service 

Did you pull up your zip on your dick or something?

thst was the advice ages back. I have not bothered to check the SI sorry 

if it's changed oh no I was wrong 

Linda sed: “if there is no one to bring you food”


what sort of sad sack can't get  mate or neighbour to help with food, so basically stuck at home solid.

yeah fair does it does say you can, and if you aren't regulated fuck it, if you are its a dishonest act and the sra are tits

Well if you’re elderly and so are neighbours and all the fucking hoorays enjoying wfh have booked up all the delivery slots until eternity one might struggle. For example. 

elderly unlikely to be nobbing off to France right? but even if they are, you get on the priority list or local community for help. I have helped a few isolaters out. no biggie

Reality is unless you live in the middle of the Scottish highlands or your own island everyone will have access to some sort of delivery, there will be no excuse to go to shops

Oh yes the delivery situation has certainly improved from the early days when the vuvu zealots were all doing their bit by staying in and getting wine delivered while the elderly and ICU nurses tried finding leftover scraps on the bare shelves. 

Leaving aside quarantining after jaunts to France, there are plenty of people who don't have internet, have patchy or absent community or family support, and the shielding support/prioritisation has now been withdrawn. Not everyone has an Ocado account. 

and getting wine delivered

Nice one slaphead. Knew I could count on you.