Framed prints

How do roffers feel about buying framed prints generally? I am torn between the idea that you can get something that looks fab for a good price and the nagging thought that prints aren't 'real'

Nothing wrong with them as we can't all own the original of a decent artwork.  I like my selection of framed night club advertising posters that I picked up from various nights out.

I think they are nice 

I have a cat in in my kitchen and he is well merry

or she, can't be sure

A family friend who worked at Bonhams selling Old Masters always recommended buying one or two investment pieces and then filling remaining walls space with cheap prints.


I have completely ignored him, as it happens.

I buy all my art from high street furniture shops in small towns.

for ages I thought that was mary queen of scots, abbeywell, and was self-disappointed when I discovered it is not

Tennis girl married a respected, if cantankerous, criminal DJ who now sits in Portsmouth Mags.

If they are signed, limited edition by a collectible artist they can be a good investment. A limited edition print I bought 9 years ago for a grand recently sold at auction for £20k. 

I wouldn't have just a print of a Carravagio or whatever, that's naff (and worthless).

Prints of old masters are a bit chav - get them as postcards for the fridge.  Modern art is usually fine, if you must have old stuff get them as exhibition posters  

Munch, woodcut


its called Two People. The Lonely Ones



I have framed architectural prints. I like them 

I have a couple of actual pieces of art, including a painting that was in the RA summer exhibition in 1860 something 

we have a couple of framed numbered prints of an artist we like but can’t afford originals from 

I collect original paintings, but I do have a Seurat reproduction that is framed (not a print though technically).

You can find wonderful original art for sale for very decent prices. Support your artists if you can!

Funny story, I bought a piece from an artist in 2012 and like in some old movie a collector billionaire type contacted me years later (the artist gave him my email which probably violates GDPR but whatever) who offered me 5x what I paid. I haven't sold but its fun to be asked.


If you’re on a budget look around your local auction house, all sorts turn up.

I sold the only valuable bit of art I owned last year. Was too big and frankly, a bit ugly (it was a tapestry which i inherited)

Moved from a flat built in 2016 to a 1920s house and all my original art looks so out of place now. 

Going to flog the lot and replace them with romantic era prints.