football transfer deadline day
The Oracle of Delphi 07 Aug 19 19:43
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all has to be done by tomorrow 5pm for the first time

feels weird how early it is, but right

r u happy with ur team’s transfer window?

me: yes. mighty nozza have gone for the “if we’re going to get releg7ed at least we’ll have banked a shit-ton of money and there’s always the chance three teams will be worse”.

expectations: low

ps pls make a comment about another club’s transfer window. e.g. villa - they r so doing a fulham eh

I have higher hopes than you for Nodge. Strengthened in all the right areas. Excited to hear how creative we might be with the Amadou songs.

If it just involves pushing pineapples I will be very disappointed.

Hmm. I suspect it's another case of going down for nozza. Oh well!

i already love it

to the left, to the right 

do be do be do be do


sven m7 comment on ur own team

Strengthened in the areas we needed to strengthen, and brought in some money from sales. Organic growth. 

Nice to see while other teams are trying to buy success.

Generally pessimistic about Newcastle’s chances this season. At best we will finish 16th or 17th, but I think relegation is fairly likely.

That said, we’ve spent some money, some interesting players through the door. It’ll come down to how much of rafas defensive coaching sticks with the team and if Joelinton scores enough goals and doesn’t get injured.

that said, once you include the manager, I don’t think there are 3 worse sides and the atmosphere in the stands is pretty toxic.

we will smash Norwich though.

Will be sad to see Eriksson go (dont really understand why he may do so).  Lots of transfer banter but all a bit late in the day / harry's car window...


Barnsley 8/10. Recruited a lot of promising young players, the average age of our team against Fulham last weekend was 22, which must be close to a championship record. 

Having said that the 8/10 is assuming we manage to bring in a starting left back and cover at striker and centre mid. I hear that deals are close, but if we miss out on those positions then we're down to 5 or 6/10

I think Nozza have the right approach. Bank the cash, have a chance of staying up and if it doesn't happen the banked cash and parachute payments are enough to buy your way back up and then have a proper war chest with what you've saved. I prefer that to the Villa approach of spunking a load of cash on players on relatively high wages and banking on being able to make a coherent team out of them

Man United -5.5/10 - good and necessary additions in awb and Maguire, and James looks very promising, however we’re about to sell our leading scorer of the last two seasons, and aren’t going to replace him, or the two senior midfielders who’ve left this season. 

Meanwhile, shite like Rojo, Darmian, Young and Sanchez are still here. 

Some of the kids look good but they really are kids. 

No matter who is in defence with a midfield of McTominay (who I rate), Pogba (fvck knows how he’ll play week to week) and one of Matic, Fred or Perreira our defence is going to get fvcked. 

A lot of ifs but if Martial and Rashford click, Fred shows why City were after him, Pogba and de Gea play consistently well then we’ll have a chance at 3rd. 

But we’ll finish 6th. 

50:50 Ole’s gone by Christmas. 

Hopefully Spurs sign a right back to go with our team of attacking midfielders

Lukaku gone for £74m. UK players look cheap to foreign buys now, and can imagine many happier to start getting paid in euro. 

The prices being chucked around for average players is insane.

James McCarthy to Crystal Palace, to link up with James McArthur.  That should be confusing for Radio 5 Live listeners.

Also odd that Everton would sell him to Palace after being knocked back trying to include him in a swap deal for Zaha.

Spuds throwing cash around like it’s going out of fashion. Lo Celso, Dybala, Sessegnon, Ndombele. 

League 1 and 2 deadline day is 2nd September. so meh. 

David Luiz gone to Arsenal for £8m. Random.

City have just spent £60m on another fullback. 

andy carroll back at the toon!

q is will he be fit enough to play much?

Did spurs get two?  Erikson gone anywhere yet?

Lo Celso and Sessegnon to spurs. Nothing else unfortunately 

Inter have spent seventy four mil on Lukaku. GOOD GOD LOL.

Even more LOL, Everton spunked £40million on Alex Iwobi.

that iwobi deal is bizarre isn’t it? i mean it’s not as if everton are short of wingers

Lukaku is one of those weird strikers that always get a good number of goals but no1 seems fussed by.  See anelka and defoe in this category.

That is true. Totally erratic and unpredictable 

But doesn't turn up for the big games. Therefore unreliable 

He's just such a prosaic footballer, Lukaku, just not exciting in any way. One of those boring run-quite-fast be-quite-strong whack-the-ball-really-hard strikers like, say, Podolski. Zzzzz. I also think Defoe's quite a boring player, no real skill or tricks just stand in the right place, stick yer foot out, goal. Anelka's different, I thought he was a really exciting player with loads in his locker.

You see, my perception of him is the opposite of wang's. To be, he's a player everyone continually wanks themselves into a frenzy over, and who is basically just a good version of ordinary. There is no magic in Lukaku. He is a deeply unfantastical player.

Someone on here posted about Lukaku when we bought him about Everton fans’ views, which were basically the same as United now, he’s a big unit, he will get loads of goals (he got 15 or so this year for a shit united team he was on the bench for, 24 the year before) but still manages to shin or shank at least two into or over the post every game. 

Prosaic is a very good description of him tbf

So actually I think Wang and apnhb are both right 

I liked Everton’s thinking. Palace won’t sell Zaha, right, who else in London is African and fast who we can spunk money on