Foods whose smell you enjoy but could not possibly eat.

1. Bananas

2.3.4 and all numbers to infinity. Bananas. 

Waffles. They smell heavenly and taste like weird chewy yet slightly burnt Duplo.  Why bother?

Subway sandwiches. The dough or whatever scent it is that they pump out of their shops smells alluring but the food tastes awful. 

subway offer millions of combinations and yet whatever you choose it always tastes the same - their success is a mystery to me.

Subway foot long is basically 3000 calories. Just insane, I'm told old to waste calories on them anymorr

All herbal teas. 

Incredibly deceitful drink. How can something that smells so good taste so vile?

I’ve eaten fermented shark in Iceland. 

However, I cannot physically bring myself to eat a banana. It is impossible. Kids didn’t believe me so tried again last year in front of them to much retching and hilarity. 

I enjoy the smell of creosote, but that’s not really a food.

The only real one I can think of is those insects and worms fried in delicious spice combinations. Smells great but still no thank you.

Bentines is your issue with banana their complete lack of texture? Or the taste? I don’t think I’d mind the taste if I could bear to entertain the idea of eating one. Euuuch 

Oh yes honeybun, unleaded petrol used to smell amazing.

American pancakes smell good but taste of beige.

Yep, I've had Harkarl in Iceland Bentines.  I also had Puffin which i still feel a bit guilty about.  Was fooking rank tbf - very diesely.

Agreed on the American pancakes snowfox- so much American food smells amazing but the taste is just meh.

I once shared an office with a woman who would often try to eat a banana as asexually as possible. But fortunately she failed and it was always entertaining.

Bertha, that would entertain me too. Did she break it off with her fingers or cut it up with a knife and fork?

*rubs thighs and groans*

Taste, texture, all of it. Maybe some of us are just programmed not to see it as food. I’d no sooner eat a twig or a conifer cone. 

Remember being really poorly as a 4 year old and being given banana flavoured antibiotics. They came straight back up. Perhaps it’s psychological…

Oh god that chalky banana flavoured liquid medicine cheers bentines i thought id successfuly forgotten about that childhood trauma.

Great recall on the banana flavoured medication, which is an important contribution to this thread.

I had no issue with it at all either, nor tellingly with the banana flavoured candy available when I was a kid. They also had candy shrimps made I suspect by the same confectioner, which I craved. The candy flavoured banana was almost as good.

I have never tried it but wouldn't have too many palpatations about desicated banana, provided saliva didn't restore it to its slimy gloopy natural state.