following on from T Stephenson's thread

I have lent one of my richer friends £500.  How do I ask for it back in a non infra dig way.

Ask them to lend you £1k (takes into account interest and late penalties).

Go for a drink and suggest they can get the first round with that cash you loaned them.

Tom, no, I am not v good about talking about money.

If they are one of your richer friends why did they need to borrow £500???

a couple of weeks ago, but I am not rich and would like my munny in my bank account.

so ask for it back, then.  I can't see any other solution.

that was the advice that I was first seeking: how do I ask for it back in a cool way.

First of all you think to yourself:


"what does an uncool way to ask money sound like"


Invariably you will realise that the answer is that... "Oh hey [insert name here, Rupert I am imagining] any chance I can get that £500 I lent you back (full stop)." ..does NOT sound weird


So just say that

Send them a Nigerian 419 style e-mail.


ROF Jamie will probably help if you ask kindly.

hehe lolz no.  I was absolutely obsessed with that story though.  I think that I posted about it on here at the time.