I am still off the demon drink!


Last drink was 28th December.

Well done, are you finding it easier to carry on?

I lasted the whole of January... ...now I'm only drinking about 1/3 of what I used to. I actually have the start of a 4-pack if you catch me in the right light.

yes, it's like I just don't fancy having a drink anymore. It's so weird as hitherto, I was a complete booze hound.

That's what amazed me... ...I thought I was a functioning alcoholic but a month off and I now find it easy to take it or leave it*.

[* This excludes 'special' nights out]

I don't know whether I can actually discern any visible benefits on my face etc.

Hopefully though it is making my womb much more pleasant and hospitable for any passing oligarch who would like to up duff me.

and I am saving tons of cash especially as I cut out the tabs at the same time.