Flouncing Off Dramatically

So after being on here for about a month or so I have decided to leave.  As I go I had a few observations: - 


  1. This website is very addictive. 
  2. The time spent on here is almost totally a waste of time. 
  3. My work has been impacted negatively by wasting time on here. I am amazed some of you are able to keep your jobs given the huge amount of time you waste every day. 
  4. I think that some of you have quite deep psychological problems that you should get some help with. This place is really not healthy for you. 
  5. There is a huge amount of bitchy bile, very little humour and zero acceptance of differing views on here. How toxic and awful must your workplaces be for you to choose to engage here. 
  6. Do yourselves a favour, log off, talk to real people, live in the real world. Except for Traumatico - you stay away from real people you dick.



I think RoF is cool as it gives me the opportunity to insult and deride brexiters

When you say “dramatically”, there’s an underlying assumption that anyone cares and that similar flounces haven’t been done at least 100 times before.


Absolutely no one in the history of RoF has ever announced a departure and actually departed. 


Roffers leave Rof not with a bang but a whimper.

wot supes said, they normally come back with a different username and quickly get found out.

RE: point 6, is that not a very old username for someone that's apparently been on here for a month?

If wibble has been here only a month I am a monkey’s uncle. 


For god's sake.  Have you not worked out by now who Wibble is/was?

The one person I can definitely say wibble is not is gannicus. 

Heh.  Nice.  I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

Oh I know who you are badders, anyone who has a name from or similar on Old Rof I know , it's the others

I went to RoF drinks last week for the first time in ages.   Not only were we logged off and talking to real people in the real world, there was little bitchy bile, lots of humour and interesting conversation.  I had a ball and wished I'd stayed longer.  There are great people on RoF, and I wouldn't know them if it weren't for this website.

I thought Wibble was Sleeps

heh at 'Traumatico' fail

surprised he's not been back to post an 'amusing' gif 

Suspicious that a poster who's only been on here a month would use the term "flounce"

I am not foxhunter. However, ROF drinks sound good - if anyone was interested in doing some in Dubai for the (few) posters out here I’d be game. I always meant to go to them in London but as a longtime lurker back then rather than a poster, thought it would be a bit weird if I just turned up.. 

I don't go to RoF drinks anymore. I used to, but almost everyone I used to chat to has now fvcked off. No idea who wibble is, but a bit of a pointless rant in the OP.

Chambers23 Apr 19 17:57

I don't go to RoF drinks anymore. I used to, but almost everyone I used to chat to has now fvcked off.

Well, you know what they say, Chambo - "Words on a screen, people off the screen in a bar, shop assistants in the supermarket, maaaan..." Sure it's not any periodic but consistent veiled outy threats or failure to understand why anonymity is very important to many on here on your part, btw.

I think we all knew wibble once, in a very real sense.


I still have some of their numbers BC, and am happy to meet up for a few beers, but it won't be in a RoF setting anymore.

There is no anonymity on here after a while.

As I've said before on here Ray, why bother hiding behind sock puppet names. Be real, or don't post at all.

"I think we all knew wibble once, in a very real sense."

wibble is Furio's mom?

Big wibble has wobbled off.

Was thinking earlier, where did Ash and her stories of Ash Doggie and travel go? 

Well one might argue she had one before. Always got mixed up with her and Girkl

One of them said Jesus Wept in response to all posts 

Look what the vanity search dragged in!

dolomite your username rings a bell but you'll have to remind me... are you an Aussie?

And what Orwell said.

Chambers23 Apr 19 19:57

... There is no anonymity on here after a while.

Indeed so, which is why the 'no outing' understanding / rule / commandment is so important and fundamental.

Some don't ever seem to get that though.

That is some serious tin foil hat stuff right there lol.

You want to see flouncing and some amazing flouncing dresses you need to join the Archers Appreciation FB page


They are a joy to behold, we always get people flouncing off -  

Girkl, I’m not from Oz but I did live there for a bit back in 2013. Have always thought of going back... I have always enjoyed your posts. My username went back a good few years. I went offline around 4 years ago as I left the law and went into something where I’m not really at the desk anymore. 

Whilst mentioning desk working, I can say that by aged 33, I had sharp twinges in my lower back, sometimes they kept me awake at night, not always painful, but a weird feeling of my leg feeling numb and detached from my bum bone when trying to sleep. Led to steroid injections - they feel great at the time but you can only have so many.  Anyway! If anyone wfh invest in a good chair and a proper desk etc. 

Welcome back to the Hotel California dolomite. RoF is much quieter than it was in 2013 and the years before, but that's because most of us grew up and don't spend every waking hour here.

wibble25 Apr 19 16:45

LOL all over your faces. 


Oh look, a non-flounce.  What a surprise, I really thought he was gone for good.

He's been here since 2003, so you're not going to get rid of him that easily

I am wibble wobble 

The diet is not going well TBH