Five Guys -v- other burger outlets - Had my first five Guys for dinner yesterday

It was fine but nothing more , wouldn’t rush to go back again ever . What was/is the fuss about? The cheese slice was processed orange coloured nonsense .It is not a patch on GBK

Is it supposed to be special? I thought that was in’n’out burger?

Well it has been long hyped up as the best burger place about and is opening stores at a frenzied pace . 

I guess it’s great marketing

5 guys cajun fries are great, the burgers are ok. Better than Mcd and BK, but not high end.

RR Cajun fries were decent , sadly they were Luke warm 

  • overpriced for what it is
  • just a burger
  • there are better independents 

It's quite a good tasting burger but too greasy (see also: Bleeker burger). 


But who doesn't love free peanuts

Only been once.  I had a plain burger, but ordered 'all the way' and that was very good I have to say...

  • and who doesn't want to know where their potatoes are from

I would refuse any french fry (chip) that wasn't ethically sourced

And the bun was soggy and wet , the burger itself was fine . I don’t know how they get away with serving processed cheese £ 12 and I was however very full

When it first opened people got quite jizzy over the coke machine and its variations 


I always just went for full sugar coke

Never had, love a GBK though. Unfortunately the one by me hasn’t reopened yet.

Dirty burger is much better imo. Never had an in and out burger 

Five Guys is decent but it’s over hyped over here and a rip off. But that’s standard when it’s the UK. 

New Yorkers do rate In-N-Out however, probably because they have to travel some distance to get to one. I’d put Shake Shack (in US) ahead of Five Guys. 

Stupidly priced no justification for charging restaurant prices 

Cannot really remember the GBK experience (not eaten there since about 2014). Their chips are fucking awful tho. Like those home fries ovenchips from Tesco that your mum assured you were "just as nice as the chip shop ones". 

It’s the sort of place I wouldn’t hesitate to go to at 1.00 in the morning having had a good drink at my local , and in need of grease, salt, fat and chilli 

+1 for getting jizzy over the coke machine

burger was a bit meh

New Yorkers do rate In-N-Out however, probably because they have to travel some distance

Yes, Texas is some distance.

Agree on Shake Shack, the best yank burger chain by far.

Five Guys is pretty good for an oozy burger. GBK are horrific. Started the new wave of burger places over here but they have become embarrassingly awful. Over constructed burgers with an assembly of tasteless layers. Like a sad Garfunkel’s.

Agree Shakeshack is good. Love Meatliquor for proper filthy burger. 

GBK is awful

i love five guys fries but they are so salty you can feel your skin drying out as you eat them (not a criticism)

I remain loyal to a quarter pounder with cheese 

The sweet potato fries with baconnaise is enough to get me going back over and over.

+1 for In&Out burger

Not sure what's special about eating 5 Guys (insert Abbey joke)

Someone said above there are better independents. Are there many left in London 

in NYC it's The Burger Joint (in the foyer of the Parker Meridien hotel) for me, Clive

The best burger and fries I've had from a takeaway is shoestrings in Chippenham. Never bettered, always perfect. As that's 30 miles away, McDonald's will do 

McDonald’s are nice , I guess they have perfected that burger and it’s cheap . They are best when just cooked . Mate used to order one , take it back and say it was off and got a freshly cooked one . Much, much better .”

As a burger connoisseur, 5G burgers are pretty disappointing.  I love the saltiness of the chips though. I always ask for extra salt (ketchup and mayo chip people are the real sickos).

The biggest travesty though, is the harsh fluorescent  lighting.  Wtf is that about?  A former Mr Sizz took me there on one of our earlier dates, and I was like, WHAT? okay, fine I'll go in because there are burgers, but when you clock my face under this psych ward lighting, you're gonna be sorry!

Yes very strange the harsh lights and operating theatre look. I had no idea you ate it out of a bag !

I’ve only had a five guys once. Unfortunately I was so hungover at the time it made me sick, which has put me off them a little.

the shake shack shroom burger is probably the best vegetarian burger imo. Also love in n out and gbk.  

Cockpit, I’ve been to the burger joint! Wasn’t blown away tbh, the long queue annoyed me.

I really like the food at 5 guys, as do the junior strutters.

I also like the free peanuts whilst you wait.  I consider the small carboard basket of them that I take away with me afterwards to have already been priced into the meal.

Hache are the best burgers in London.

However, in certain burger situations it's all about processed cheese rather than a slab of cheddar.

I haven't had 5 Guys since I left the US. Just overpriced in the UK and the burgers are good but not amazing. Best thing they do is actually the milkshakes. 

Of that type of establishment I actually prefer Shake Shack from which I would normally have their Chicken Shack. Their milkshakes are also good and the will serve you booze. But honestly I'd rather go to someone like Honest Burger or Meat Market if I was in that mood.

+1 for Hache.  Wouldn't have believed a simple burger could be that good. 

Eating 5 guys is like putting a bowling ball in the bottom of your stomach. They’re basically indigestible. 

tommi’s, dirty burger or Byron for me Clive 

Hache also do some good unusual combinations like putting that orange skinned Austrian smoked cheese on a burger which is lush.

Been a long time since I went to one but I loved my burger at GBK.  Adding beetroot is just genius

I had a burger with crunchy peanut butter on it.  I don't like peanut butter, but it works on a burger. nom.

I love beetroot.  A habit formed on a trip to Oz where they seem to put beetroot in anything.  Even mickymacs had a beetroot Ozzie burger

Nasty, stainy, good for nothing root that it is fit only for animal food or turning into sugar.

Tbf struts is there a fruit or veg u actually like?  Apart from abbs

pretty much all fruit and pretty much all veg. 

except brassica, which are RONG. and beetroot, obvs - on account of it being horrid and for weirdos.

Beetroot on burgers is fantastic 

I also love a cheese, beetroot and tomato sandwich for wfh lunch. Beetroot has to go on top of the cheese so it stains into it and the bread doesn’t go soggy. Delectable. 

In-N-Out Burger was woefully disappointing - shit bun, shit meat, shit cheese. I've had better burgers out of a van at a football match. Although it did at least have the benefit of being cheap.

Five Guys is an average burger, but clearly overpriced compared to other offerings available in London. IMHO MEATliquor, Shake Shack and Patty & Bun (in that order) shit all over the other burgers available in London.

I like Dirty Burger but find they're a bit too wet to properly enjoy (I realise the clue's in the name but at some point a burger can be too dirty), which is also a slight issue at P&B but they aren't quite as wet and their P&B mayo is worth it. Bleecker Burger were close to nailing it but they always overseason the patties. Haché is decent, but the toppings are too pretentious and their meat ultimately lacks the umami hit of the big 3. Honest Burger again suffer from a lack of umami. I'd put GBK in the same bracket as Five Guys, but it does have the benefit of at least offering some variety in its burger options. Byron used to be decent when they first opened, but over the years they've been cutting costs by slowly reducing the quality of the ingredients to the point where it now feels like you're paying £15 for a tarted up Maccies. 

I’m gonna say it, a fresh burger van cheeseburger with fried onions is pretty hard to beat.

I’m gonna say it, a fresh burger van cheeseburger with fried onions is pretty hard to beat.

This is accurate. Expectations are so low that you can’t really be too disappointed. Defrosted burger, cheap cheese slice, onions, cheap ketchup. Especially if you’re several pints in and starving. Job done. 

for all you burger fans, a public service announcement: Patty & Bun are doing a home delivery collaboration with shake shack

Last time I was home I ordered in a burger from Bread Meats Bread in Edinburgh and it was epic. They also do poutine as a side dish so I was in heaven.

Shakeshack is on Deliveroo. Boom.

Oooh… that might be tonight's dinner...

Also a shoutout for bread meats bread. And I usually love the honest burger monthly special, although October's is a bit meh, and not in a good way.

Surprised by lack of a shout out for Honest Burgers - plus their fries are ace

Another vote for Bread meats bread.

Used to be a burger van in Toryglen in Glasgow. Was known as 'Rat Burgers'. Story was that a boy in the neighbouring school shat out a rat fetus after having one. Remained popular though due to its price point.

I have to be 'in the mood' for five guys, generally this occurs towards the end of a hangover day. Probably the best of the properly junk food burgers but also the most expensive by far. 

Burger lobster is by far the best of the fancy burger places (but again probably the most expensive as well).  


Honest Burger rosemary fries are rank, absolutely horrible.

Hayley, did you say you got drummed out of the teaching profession after shagging some pupils on a weekend bender? Was that a burger van burger night?

Burgervan burgers are the best - the types you get outside footy stadiums, car boot sales etc - the original dirty burgers

A frozen "80" meat burger, mix of pork and beef (usually mechanically retrieved) and filler

a floury batch type bun defrosted - slighty stale

yellow processed cheese slice sub Kraft quality

greasy white onions cooked in the burger fat on the griddle

watery cash and carry own brand red sauce - served yourself from a 2 litre squeezy bottle from a "condiments" table next to the van

All served by an enormously fat man with knuckle tattoos (which he did himself)


for all you burger fans, a public service announcement: Patty & Bun are doing a home delivery collaboration with shake shack

Thanks for this, Escaped.  Ordered this morning for delivery on Friday.

Geoff the tattooed bloke will often have girl or two helping them who always make you wonder how they would brush up once you scrape the grease off them

Does anyone else find beetroot turns their wee pink?

I like a Blues Burger from the van outside Stamford Bridge - two quarter pounders, two slices of cheese and fried onions.  Yumsters.

hooray @shinyhappypeople - report back on Friday! WHat kind of fries will you do with it?

Can't claim to have read all of this but Shake Shack is far from the best burger joint in the US. So salty. Little Big Burger is the best I've had in the States.

Five Guys is a very good fast food burger (processed cheese is preferable IMO...) and the chips are incredible. Overpriced for fast food though. Burger at Burger and Lobster is excellent. 

You can buy gbk burgers from Waitrose which are the best non-restaurant burgers I’ve ever had

I’ve just had  my first. Big Mac with Cheese, chips and a Coke in months . I forgot just how divine their Burgers and chips are . They maybe onto something.

Not the way I have them.


i love the touchscreens in McDonald’s, easy to remove ingredients without staff looking confused

Even by ROF standards, the amount of guff being talked on this thread is impressive.