Financial planning

Focusing on what really motivates me, where should I store my dosh these days?

Shares may well crash much further, since the entire world economy may plausibly be going into a depression.

Cash will be devalued, due to massive printing of money, and weakness of sterling.

Property almost certain to fall 15% and could be 40%.

Bonds are risky, and also eroded by inflation.

Gold is already well up. But is there an alternative?

Gold generally rises and falls over time and it won’t always return the best option but I regard gold and property as the safest investments and have always fully piled into both.

Im on a hold cycle with gold right now, a good thing as I’m hoarding cash reserves in case any of my tenants can’t pay.

You’re not going to get rich quick from gold but if you’re comfortable regarding it as a safe long term play then there are many worse options.

Im not qualified to give any advice on this, it is purely anecdotal from my own experiences.  Talk to others and form your own opinions would be my best advice.

the fool said they were buying on ftse100

not much use for the next five years I guess but then what is

Where's your dosh now?

Shares - may well fall further but that's what they do, they go up and down.

Cash - will be devalued but not by much really. I am earning the same as 13 years ago so have theoretically suffered massively from inflation but am still alive and living large.

Property - has been flatlining for a long time in real terms, huge costs throughout the investment cycle, politically hated. Leverage may work over the long run however.

Bonds - yeah I never get these. Maybe inflation-linked bonds if you can find any.

Gold - By the time you realise you need it, it's too late to get in. Just never seems to do what it is meant to and pays you nothing while you wait for it to do something.

good point, pp

my investment is in nihilism

it never lets u down

Go hard on crypto m3.  It’s where the money went in 08. 

Premium bonds were always a shite  investment before and now they’ve cut the prize money they’re even more shite. :(

I have some that my granny gave me when I was little, only kept for sentimental reasons.

Frozen concentrated orange juice.

(oddly enough OJ commodities are well up lol).

According to the call I am on, hedge funds have beaten the indexes, will still be down though.

AWU, this is a new product, not the savings account they launched the other year

Hmm yeah a little, looks good for July futures still tho.

Bog roll, Bog roll is the future and will be the new currency.

Yesterday’s news.  There was literally no one in the bog roll aisles this morning.  Everyone walked past them sheepishly, stacked full from floor to ceiling.  

maybe panic buying was a mistake eh coronidiots.

"maybe panic buying was a mistake eh coronidiots."

Remind us again how many rolls you stockpiled!

you can get just over 1% although its falling a bit from NS&I income bonds - full 100% protection for up to £1m or £2m if its a joint account. 

Premium bonds as above - £100k per couple

i have £100k of premium bonds and they return about 1% tax free which is not bad for instant access emergency cash. 

Goose - that has nothing to do with this pandemic m5, my Brexit stockpile has been repurposed that’s all.  

Moreover, I didn’t once panic buy or bulk buy anything, I just bought some extras during each shop, the surplus of which went into my stockpile.  Sensible stockpiling is just, well, sensible.  Keeping extra tins of things etc, just natural caution.

Heh, OK. How many rolls do you have left in your sensible stockpile?

Couple of hundred.  I’ve not been touching the stockpiles, just using stuff I buy as I go along.  Bought a 4 pack of bog roll today for example.  Stockpile is there for when you lot turn into flesh eating zombies.  If there’s still products on the shelves of shops I’ll use those first.

Getting 1% or so on cash, or even less on Premium Bonds, means you are losing after tax and inflation.

But bigger losses are to be had on shares and bonds now I guess.

I suspect the best option is to buy really solid companies like Diageo or utilities, which are not down by much, but at least will still be around in a couple of years.

Property will be far cheaper in a year than it is now surely?

  • The OP knows a lot about the future.
  • More than most.
  • Perhaps more than anyone.
  • There’s your trade.

Get into trees ready for the next big rush on bog roll.

Trees also covers cardboard packaging which will be through the roof given how everyone is lying at home bored and ordering things from Amazon.

I spent £160 on stuff I really don’t need yesterday simply because the girl was using my big telly and I couldn’t be bothered to move the Xbox to a different one.

Oil majors might be worth buying, but there is a decent chance oil remains cheap for many years to come, with reduced demand for travel.

My one good decision recently was to buy Shell at 925p. But the few thousand I made on that has been wiped out many times over by the carnage elsewhere.

Reselling chocolate Easter eggs on ebay.  If you panic bought with enough foresight as hand sanitiser you are in for a killing.

  • I’m getting 1.8% tax-free on my local current account.

Where from? My HSBC UAE savings account is at just under that, 1.7% or so.  

(Not doubting you, just want to know where is best to move my local currency lol)

But for various reasons, my HSBC Premier account is UAE based. Ex wife, long story, etc.

Beautiful here.  No one around but beautiful.

Wonder if we could take a virus every year... where I live is usually packed with tourists.  Rather enjoying the serenity.  Doubt the local businesses and the people who work for them feel the same, but still.  Gorgeous.

Took jasper out earlier and we didn’t see a single other person just me, the dog, a beautiful beach and one of the most iconic views in the U.K.

Proper job.



Im so risk averse but it has served me well over the years so I will not grumble.

The only investment advice you'll ever need: 'blue horseshoe loves anacott steel'

Financial planning isn’t all about investments, how do we know you have the fundamentals sorted?



Well, that really depends on how much you are going to store. For medium amounts gold seems to be a better option compared to the rest. Forget cash. Just keep amount needed for your regular expences. Also it's reasonable to store a part of safety cushion in cash.  As for big amounts of money, real estate is suitable. Property in Greece could be a good choice, because you will keep you money far from inflation and plus you can use it for yourself and rent during your absence.