Film or TV with female lead

Can anyone recommend me a movie or TV series that has a non-annoying female lead. Like a strong woman, not needy, mentally fragile, self-centred, self-loathing, whiny kind of woman. But also not a butch boss biatch.

I've got wonder woman and then I'm blank.

is she allowed feelings at all? How whiny is whiny?

The good wife 

the good place 

When Harry met sally 

working girl 

Unbelievable on Netflix has some great female characters. 


Hunger Games (if you're 14)

Rogue One

Golden Girls

Oh you want something from this century? I'm out.

I like Miranda.

Like a strong woman, not needy, mentally fragile, self-centred, self-loathing, whiny kind of woman. But also not a butch boss biatch.

That doesn't leave much room for character development.  


She is nuts but still v strong.

TV series are relatively difficult! The Wire (I know Kima isn't really the lead, but she is a great strong female character with a proper backstory and family etc).  Helen Mirren in all sorts of dramas but maybe a 'boss biatch'?

Films are easier.

Hidden Figures


The colour purple

There are loads.


The Good Wife is a good shout from Linda for a TV series. Had forgotten about that.

It's one of my favourite films of all time!

Second The Good Place--Kristen Bell's character is self-centred, but that is the point/premise and she is no less charming for it.

Mean Girls?

speaking of Kristen Bell:  Veronica Mars.  Esp Season 1.

Mindy st Claire is my favourite person in the good place 

having just finished both series (and sunset watch it when it aired) I would say green wing although the female lead character is actually incredibly annoying, but Sue White and Joanna Claw are creations of genius 

killing eve

game of thrones has seen very strong women in it

prime suspect


Watch Mad Men from the start.  The main character is Don Draper but the series is really about the development of its female characters through the 60s - Peggy, Joan and Betty, in particular.     

Like a strong woman, not needy, mentally fragile, self-centred, self-loathing, whiny kind of woman. But also not a butch boss biatch.

I wonder which major female characters in Game of Thrones would actually fall outside the above?  Not many, perhaps the Stark women.

Thanks all. Gonna go for killing eve and umbrella academy. And Homeland.

Seen Juno. Thought it was meh. 

The Fall - British detective series with Gillian Anderson in the lead role.

Its truly woke. She even sexually pred8s on a junior male colleague (kind of).

What Laz said about The Fall.

And you also get Jamie Dornan with his shirt off.

Avatar the Last Airbender (the cartoon series not the film) and it's sequel Legend of Korra.

Line of Duty has loads of great female leads. DI Fleming, DCI Roz Huntley, DS Denton..

Atomic Blonde, Buffy, Aliens. Chuck is really good- with the male lead playing the damsel in distress role a lot especially early on.

There was an Amazon Prime TV series called Killjoys which had a smart female lead. No one watched it. I tried. It was pretty unwatchable.

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel is good. She does the "neurotic 50's (?) New York Jewish daughter" thing, with overbearing mother, but is a strong charac... Oh. Queenie beat me to it. 

Grace and Frankie.

Unorthodox on Netflix.

seconded on Green Wing, also rewatching. It’s a work of art. 


third nomination for Homeland (the US version with Claire Danes) - she is a v powerful character although the show fades badly as the series go by

I think Homeland was better in the later series. Bit more nuanced and less racist. And without Damian Lewis who was miscast IMHO

Queenie, I agree.  I found Damian Lewis' American accent really grating.

Zero Dark Thirty

Atomic Blonde

Vikings (Lagertha the shieldmaiden is pure horn)

Yes to Atomic Blonde. Theron was great and I loved the 80s Berlin vibe.

I watched Warrior Nun. That was one of the reasons for asking. Main character is neurotic, self-centred and fucking annoying.

I have latest star wars on rental from amazon that I have not watched yet but I suspect Ren may turn out to be too whiny for your requirements.

Borgen - Danish political drama with female minister, enjoyable and quite relaxing

Friday Night Lights - it's based around high school American Football and I never expected to enjoy it but it's really excellent if you give it a couple of episodes. Small town American life, huge pressure and focus on the high school football team, based on a journalist's account of a couple of seasons following such a team. Tammy Taylor, the coach's wife is a major character, arguably the main adult character.

I have since watched 3 warrior nun episodes - she doesn't seem that neurotic, although the stupid inner monologue does not help.  

Rey?  or are you on the Ren & Stimpy do Jedi School semi-canon material.

To confirm, a lot to admire in both main characters, certainly no whininess or neuroticism. I wish I were more like them as I sit procrastinating and moping at home instead of getting on with my work...

Black Spot on Netflix. It's A French detective drama with a good female lead. Very French and very good. 

Another good one with lots of good female characters (no real leads) is The Returned - also French.

The Killing - either the Scandi or the American

Hidden on BBC was decent. Still on iplayer. As was Happy Valley.