FFS Spurs

So me and my family are life-long Spurs fans, as are quite a lot of my friends. I must be the only Spurs fan in the country a bit gutted this morning. Why is that? Well, on 1 June I am getting married. Agh! I must have had a dozen messages last night asking about whether we are showing the football. The wedding is in the middle of nowhere with no TV and no WiFi. What do we do?!

oh dear

I have been to various weddings over the years which clashed with big sporting events

there are two options: ignore it and embrace it. The former involves guests looking at their phones all night to see what is going on. You might get the odd cancellation as well. The latter means essentially giving up wedding activities for 90 minutes or however long it goes on. There will be a room/marquee with a handful of non football supporters, elderly aunts, small children, desultorily chatting and doing the odd dance to YMCA. The other room will be like a 'spoons pub. Your wife may get cross (on the assumption you are the groom).

I'd go for for the former

Quite seriously you are going to have to sort it. If there are Spurs or Liverpool fans there (which I assume there will be) you cannot force them to miss - at least in Spurs' case - what will probably be the sporting moment of a lifetime to participate in your nuptials. I cannot believe a TV can't be sorted somehow. 

It's at 8pm, it's not like the match is on in the middle of the ceremony (I assume). Get a TV.

Record it then stick it on at midnight when everyone is lashed as the start of the after party.

oh and the other thing to bear in mind is that if Spurs lose it'll be a real dampener on the whole thing

it's really bad luck to have this clash

Even the advice is split as to what to do... I still don't think Spurs are expected to win so if they lose it hopefully wont be a dampener on the day. I'm trying to find out what channel its on at the moment to see what I can do about showing it in a corner somewhere. 


I'd get two TVs as well. We went to a wedding when the 2007 RWC final was on. Admittedly most people were from Yorkshire so generally offensive, but they were literally heckling the nervous young best man brother of the groom to get on with it so they could watch the game, and when they discovered that the best the (Northern) posh hotel had laid on for the game was a circa 40" 10 year old telly they were furious and resulted in circa 25% of the wedding party roaming the corridors to try and find another TV.  

What bananaman said - campervan is the answer.  Definitely need a massive telly and I’d also check cellphone coverage and if possible get a mobile wifi hub as backup in case the standard signal is rubbish.