A few North Korean scientists/engineers
PerfidiousPorpoise 31 May 23 09:00
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and their families are probably being herded into "reeducation centers" as we speak, presumably.

How does the country get the money to develop all this stuff anyway? What is it exporting to China/Russia?

Threw main sources of income - 

1. Counterfeit goods, sold off to crime gangs internationally

2.cyber crime 

3. Charity from China and Russia, who realise that every dollar donated means the West has to spend 3 dollars combatting it. 

Do the North Korean scientists talk to their Chinese counterparts in English, I wonder? (Given that as I have heard observed, "broken English is the lingua franca of the scientific community.")

There's a good history of the korean war by max hastings.  One bit that sticks in the mind is that squaddies were met with an overwhelming stench when they arrived.  The koreans used human faeces as fertilizer for their crops.  Bet you that's still done in NK.  No wonder they have to ferment the fook out of their cabbage.

That used to happen in the UK with "night soil" transported in carts from London to fertilise farmers fields in Essex.