F€ck You money

How much (net) do you think would amount to not needing a salary again, assume age is circa 40. One lump sum 

Appreciate people live within different means, interested on thoughts on this 

Assuming you don’t own you home outright and don’t need to live super extravagantly, £6million. Buy house, a couple of investment properties and pay you and your spouse an annual tax free allowance of £80,000 each

I think that would do me

Very much depends on how much you and your family need to spend every year. Assume you need £90k and 3% yield on your existing investment (real property, equities and investment funds), you need £3m worth of investment, excluding the value of the house you live in.

In practice, not many can have £3m worth of investment (fully paid, unencumbered). But one can always dream..