Festive shenanigans
Penelope Pitstop 27 Sep 23 13:37
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John Lewis in Oxford Street has its Chirstmas tree up and Peter Jones was just getting ready to import its grotto get-up when I was there at the weekend with a big sign annoucing "Santa is coming".."Not to my house yet he isn't!" announced the woman shopping next to me. The pub I was in last night had festive garlands up and was promoting its Christmas menu. In September. When do you think is a reasonable time to start Christmas promotions? Mid October?


Personally I would say 1st December but I realise I am in the minority and would concede mid-November. A month is enough.

Mince pies in Sainsbury's since the start of the month. Jell1 observed, rather caustically: does Halloween have no meaning nowadays?

Christmas trees in September does make you wonder whether there's an adult elf working in haberdashery. All very low key. 

The title of this thread lead me to believe it would be about managing partners caught with their secretary in the stationery cupboard at the works do.

Disappointed, frankly.

 It should be illegal to promote anything related to Xmas before 1 December (or I guess the first day of advent if it falls earlier)