Female Dr Who leads men to crime

I'm not sure I have perfectly accurately summarised the honourable member's intended meaning as I do confess I am struggling to understand exactly what he meant


He has a point. What's the point of rehashing old characters in a female form? Is it beyond the wit of film producers to create good, strong new female characters in their own right? It would provide much greater inspiration to young girls, as it wouldn't look like a laboured attempt to be politically correct and 'on brand'. 

Masculinity has no place in the modern society.

As a man, one can be a subservient cuck to each and every modern cause like Jellymonster, or one can fook off. Those are the choices. 

the letter seems to based on an assumption that none of the male leaders of this country could possibly be a role model 

which seems a bit harsh on BJPM, Prince Charles, Jacob Rees-twot, Dishy Rishi and the Archbishop of Oil


So his list was meant to be one of positive male role models?

And it included James Bond, noted misogynist psychopath?

Was that his point?

Re the "seems harsh" point.

Does it though?

I suppose on Prince Chuck, but the dungheap scarecrow, the recumbent skeleton, the money dwarf and the pixie cultist aren't exactly role models?

The doctor being a woman isn't really woke rehashing though is it? The character literally regenerates into different bodies. 


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