Favourite brekkie

RoF survey time. What's your favourite morning (or noon) meal?

Sausage and sarnie innit. All this new fangled avocado based nonsense can get to fuck.

Had eggs royale this morning 

I also love cinnamon French toast with strawberries and maple syrup 

Can't beat straight bacon and egg / eggs Benedict weekends 

Weekdays, Shredded Wheat with porridge flakes and hot milk .Low glycemic .

two poached eggs, granary toast, fresh squeezed oj, decaf cappucino.

1. One sunny side up fried egg with either a crumpet or a potato cake and some mushrooms on the side;

2. Pain au chocolat;

3. Omelette aux fines herbes or with a ton of truffles;

4. Toast and marmalade; 

5. Egg and bacon McMuffin; OR

6. A mimosa and / or a breakfast martini  


7. Oh I forgot smoked salmon and scrambled eggs but they MUST NOT TOUCH. 

I have real trouble with chips as a breakfast item. Egg and chips for me is more a dinner meal (the one you have in the middle of the day, between breakfast and tea). 

To answer the question, head says full Irish (the white pudding is important) but heart says bacon egg and mushroom barm with strong black coffee (chambo style). 

I also love granary toast, covered in spinach with two poached eggs.  

The OP asked for a noon meal too, hence egg and chips. Rarely eat breakfast. 

Chips for breakfast should be sectionable. 

Can't beat brioche or croissants in the morning. Fry ups are nice but far too heavy to do regularly. 

sausages and poached egg in a toasted muffin or

scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on granary toast.

Poached eggs on toast, with or without hollandaise and spinach

Tromboner once said in response to a similar question. 'Strong black coffee and a couple of cigs.'

It was probably true in his case.

It occurred to me this morning that one of the great things about having kids is that you can have coco pops for brekkie again. 

You do realise they don't ask if you have children when you buy chocolate cereal in the supermarket, right? There isn't a vetting process.

I buy coco pops for myself regularly.  Even still got the star wars lightsaber spoons and the funky monkey bowl.  I do not let children use them.