Fatty Feltz

£360k pa!!! frown

"You all on the BBC gravy train?  I wish i was!"

"Oh, lord, we've got to balance the pay tables. What shall we do?"

"we could reduce the male earners so a reasonable level?"

"What? That's insane. Someone fire this person. Good grief. No, let's just throw some money at... who have we got? Ball, Feltz, a couple of others. Not the newsreader, though. Let them just read out the headlines about these overpaid people, while not getting any benefit. For the LOLZ."

According to the Times several presenters are looking at the figures in the report and wondering how the Beeb calculated them as they don't bear any resemblance to what they've actually been paid...

Maybe Sails they are looking at what their accountant has told HMRC is taxable as earnings, whereas the BBC is quoting what they pay the service company.

Pretty sure a few got caught out in this lollersome way before.

Fairly sure they can’t arbitrarily reduce payments of males, tbf.

I started a petition for a law to require everyone using the approach taken by Lorraine to put "Lorraine" on screen / on the credits, just so everyone knows they are playing a persona, and not themselves.

It was rejected on the grounds of ongoing litigation, and I never named her!