Fashion Question

You reckon this one is a little OAP and I should stick to the simple black style I use currently or is it just quite stylish?

Cant decide if I’m being fuddy duddy or not.  I need a new one as mine is deffo too short (92cm).

I don’t even need to click on that link to know that the question has absolutely nothing to do with fashion.

Of course it does.  A cane is as much of an accessory as a handbag.

A bloke at university had one where you could unscrew the top and find a length of scotch.

but given you are a cornishman now, i'd suggest a long john silver style under the arm crutch.  and a three peaked cap

I have something similar ish, but with four feet.  It’s called a ‘pick me up’ or something because you can use it to pull yourself up if you fall over.

Actually came in handy last year when we had snow!  Not for everyday use yet tho.

Actually Mrs Dux's pater did, but it was different in those days.

In "A Simple Favour" (one of my fave films of '18), the character played by Blake Lively had a cool cane!

I also saw a very cool one in Christie's at the beginning of the year.

Dux - a handbag has a use but it doesn’t stop them also being fashion items.  Same with, well any item of clothing or accessory that is necessary but can be nice looking - shoes, coats, etc.


How come u need a stick I thought it was your wrist/hand you fckd up?

It’s really unfair of you to expect him to remember all the imaginary details of his life, Wang.

That was years ago, god I didn’t realise you missed my whinging leg updates.  I had a significantly serious issue with my leg and it has left most of the bones very damaged and riddled with holes.  Also some extremely nasty treatments for months.  Hence my wibbling on about being a cripple and disabled etc.

I take the maximum clinical dose of nefopam every day, they don’t give you that shit for nothing.

sounds horrible, what was it?


I think u r the incarnation of Jaques Malchance from the Tricolore books at school

I just sent you an email because I didn’t want to go into vast detail here.