Farage for US Ambassador

Oakeshott runs the leak stories, Farage boosts it, next PM is due to replace the Ambassador anyway. Will Johnson appoint Farage?

It would be a good move by Johnson to neutralise 'The Farage Party' because they are a one man band, and in the US who would do less damage than in the cabinet. However, think it would be the end of the Tories.  No longer the 'broad church' of yore.

In theory, Ambassadorships are given to FCO staff (and you climb the pole from really dreadful postings to DC or Paris). But as we are going to be in "making it up as you go along land", there is no bright line rule which prevents someone being parachuted in

I can't understand the excitement about an ambassador providing an appraisal of the local regime as that's what ambassadors are there to do.

Yes but that shizzle mustn't become public, or everyone is compromised. It's not his fault, but he needs to resign. Obvs.

Appointing Uncle Nigel as US ambassador could be a clever move in terms of killing off the Brexit Party.

Two birds with one stone etc. A favourable overture to Trump ahead of trade deal talks, plus the main danger to the Tories at the next GE nipped in the bud.


And a massive relief for Europeans- better ambassador to the US than MEP

do it, Park him in dc

I would love to read the US Ammbassador's  report about what he thinks of the UK

I don't know why people think that this would kill off Brexit.  Neither Farage or Trump have traditional boundaries.

We'd just be giving a voice and platform to both... If Boris and Farage are willing to alienate European trade partners, this would just push us to America on whatever terms Trump dictated.

I think this seems dangerous rather than disabling to Farage.


Would be interesting to see who leaked it? Particularly as Oakenshott was behind the story. Cant see a remainaic wanting to have any dealings with her.