The falcon srsly cannot hear the falconer

Get back here you feathered hothead.

Does anyone else think we might all be dead or refugees by the end of the year?

Heh, feisty 

“I'd rather have lucky generals than good ones.”


And if I was going into battle with a 19th century French army that would be relevant. 


 Luck is a vastly underrated quality by the English 

Unlike the Chinese 

We don't underrate the Chinese.

We gave them back HK without so much as whimper.

Do you think the huawei stuff really is an American plot?

Yes, you tend to have to give property back at the end of a lease 

Huawei ,I suspect their is some basis there, but the detention of Ms Huawei typical, mindless,  thuggish 'boots first' behaviour by US enforcement agencies which Trump should have jumped on