Facemask supermarket audit

Non scientific study of 3 supermarkets visited in past 10 days. 

Sainsbury's - approx 35% of customers in masks. No staff. 

Tesco - approx 20% customer in masks. One staff in homemade mask. 

Waitrose - approx 60% of customers in masks. 20% of staff, including one in full perspex face shield and a dedicated person spraying trolleys and baskets with Waitrose No.1 brand gin. 

M&S food hall today - zero staff in masks, maybe 10% of customers, everyone acting completely normally 

whilst you had to walk around a one way through the main store, I saw zero shoppers buying anything - or even browsing - but food 

I reckon M&S clothes and homeward is turbo fucked 

Tesco and coop both do do a one way system and aggressive one in one out. Sainso and waitro both a bit more chilled in movements. Only wig out I've experienced is about 4 weeks ago in sainso. 



Our local little co op has a one way, others don't. I haven't been in Sainsbury's since first week or so of lockdown as it was mad

Now that the who have been fannies I think England will force in shops soon, prob next week

My friend the Polish crepe man (he is so sound on lockdown) said Sainsbury's gave up all the rules because the staff for so much abuse


Sainsbury’s this evening the only person in a mask was the security guard

I get my public health advice from a  bulgarian cheese vendor, rather than the World Health Organisation. 

You should he's probably less corrupt

Or could be a she these days I suppose

My local Morrison’s hasn’t had a complete panic with COVID and is also giving me 10% off every shop because my wife works for the NHS. Long-term loyalty bought right there.

U shud resell scratch cards to addicts for 7% off retail and 3% off the profits.

Why would people be wearing masks in supermarkets when they are able to social distance?  It's not the bloody tube.

Genius Jelly, such a good idea that I’ll split the profit with you at 1.5% each

So you can’t cough on food?

Sainsbos stopped packing the broccoli months ago.

Oh, right.  That makes sense.  

I have been getting everything delivered since April, I have barely set foot in a shop, you are clearly all plebs ;) 

Reckon it's the way forward

Have finally bought a veg box

On the downside I have put on about 2 stone, but that's easy to shift in your 40s isn't it?

On the downside I have put on about 2 stone

Omg, you're 3 stone now?

I’m not on the supermarket long enough to catch anything and certainly not standing next to another shopper for that long.  My only concern is the basket and trolley handles so take my own bag to stack stuff in.

Waitrose: about 10%-20% in masks, all over the age of 55.

cos loads of people don't actually socially distance in supermarkets if you've been in one recently, so that's why they should be wearing masks and keeping their grubby, potentially viral and lethal exhale off the rest of us, let alone them not breathing in other's exhale. 


Did the big sainso shop. 97.9% compliance. 3 hold outs. 2 thirty something solo women. One mid 50s chap, possibly Romanian. 


Then Boots. Full compliance. 2 blokes didn't have masks so pulled t-shirts up over mouth and nose. 

Waitrose this arvo.  All customers were wearing masks but the social distancing is adhered to much less.  Maybe that’s the point - get used to mingling with masks for a while, most will be bored of them before too long.  Once new outbreaks inevitably happen our masters will be able to say we told you so without comeback.  Letting this virus take its course is in the end the only way to go without screwing up the future.