Face masks

Yes even those crappy ones are apparently better than no face mask.

This almost cycles over to Laz’s conspiracy theory thread in that we have been told they offer no real protection and yet... doctors and nurses are using them.  Hmm.

Might it be more the case that we can’t magically create 120million of them overnight so people are being told they don’t work so that we can funnel what little we have of a primary supply to our frontline staff?

You be the judge.  I’ll just sit here with my N99 mask with replaceable filters next to me and await the reckoning....

What?  I have never said that because I understand about micro particulates. 

There is loads on ebay. don't see why we don't just give every NHS person £100 and tell them to get online

I cannot recall where I read it but I thought wearing a mask prevents one from spreading it (if one has Covid 19) as opposed to catching it. Is that wrong?

It’s right and wrong.

The crappy ones help lower the risk of you spreading it.

The decent ones (N95+) help lower the risk of you catching it.

Microparticles can pass through paper easily, so the crappy ones are only stopping the larger particles but they are still stopping something. 

Even if it’s only 20% it would help ffs.

The masks I have prevent those particles completely (well 99.99%) so really we should all be wearing them.... 


As clearly seen by young healthy doctors getting fubar by vuvu, the less of this shit you get in your lungs the better. 

Any mask better than none.

To be fair doctors are doing stuff that results in getting a face full of spray whereas it’s weeks since I’ve been within 6 feet of someone outside my immediate family.

So should I go to my mother's funeral? There will be me, then fvuk off away from me or I will shoot you, everyone else, four of my sister's pod.  But an 80 mile drive involving M25/M3, risk assessment, possible crash etc.  Nah is my view.