Extinction Rebellion and the Fire Engine at the Treasury

They sprayed the Treasury with 1800 litres of fake blood.

On twitter the rent-a-righttard response:

"ooh, pushed the fire engine there, did they?" and "ooh, so it's okay to waste water now, is it?"


how f**king hard of thinking are they?

Climate protesters must live a zero-impact life, and if they don't they're wrong so I can still go about my life being a massive fucking bellend.

they are a bunch of fuds tbh

*ratchets up central heating*

yeah, think it means "they are good and virtuous and that makes me feel uncomfortable, so I'm going to double down on being a fucking dickhead".  Quite economical of the Scots to compress all rage into 3 letters.




They couldn't even use the hose properly. They just turned it on and left it alone to spray all over the road. If you are going to spray the treasury, at least spend 10 mins making sure you can use the hose to actually spray the treasury. 


they're not good or virtuous they're smug and tedious 


jelly, I'm sure you'll aqree that the police and the CPS need to stop treating extinction reb with kid gloves  :)


the police need a vegan alternative to kid gloves.

they're committed and determined.  There's nothing smug about them (inferring smugness is a device to shift away from how uncomfortable they make you feel). 

"There's nothing smug about them "

heh - not met any have you?

 They are so smug they smell their own farts


I fully support Extinction Rebellion.

Why didn’t they use real blood tho?  

I am taking too my pleasure from their inability to control the hose


Also their banner is on the wrong side of the fire engine

I don't get it - who is the treasury making extinct?  If we have started whaling again, bad form.  If it's like wasps or hornets or that sort of shyt, I err more to the meh.

I'm on their side but that is mega heh. You'd think they'd have practiced first.

Say what you like about Fathers4Justice but at least their stunts are logistically well executed

What I don't get is - they switched it on competently - when it starts going off like Brett Lee having a bad day at the wicket, why don't they switch it off again?

PNHB cos they are thick as fcuk.

They are planning on bringing chaos to LDN all of next week before flying off to Portugal to catch the last of the summer sun.   



Because the control is the on the end of the hose flailing wildly around whitehall. 



I would love to see Bojo deploy the Army and just batter the fuck out of them next week, Hong Kong Police style.  

This board's amazing. Whenever I let myself get even slightly optimistic about humanity, a visit to this board is guaranteed to beat it out of me.

The idea that a high level of cynicism somehow correlates to (or is demonstrative of) a higher level of intelligence is one that, sadly, me and many of my school mates bought into as teenagers.

And then we grew up and realised that it wasn't cool or clever to mock people who are trying to make a difference in the best way they know how. Particularly if their efforts outstripped our own.

With one or two exceptions (jelly and PNG prolls), I'm ashamed to share a profession with most of you. 


Have you ever met the British army? Even extinction rebellion, armed with a solitary second hand fire engine, would test them in a fight.

Not really.  When clever people are so spectacularly twatish, what hope for the rest of humanity.

Not really.  When clever people are so spectacularly twatish, what hope for the rest of humanity.

I don't think anyone said cynicism = intelligence but doing a twatty epic fail protest with undefined goals is moronic

what do we want?

things to be indefinably better!

when do we want it?


how will we know it has happened given our total absence of metrics?

fuck you fash!

I think spraying 1800 litres of pollutants all over the environment is bad too.

"Ahhm sprayin' muh chemiklz all over the envrumehnt bruh"


no I don’t think he’s being melodramatic

He rightly outs cynicism (however it’s dressed up, and some on here are skilled at dressing it up) as the easy pose of the mediocre mind unwilling to confront what may trouble it.

" wasn't cool or clever to mock people who are trying to make a difference in the best way they know how"


Is this is the "best way they know how" to save the planet we are all doomed. 

This is not cynism its lolling at fucktards. 


yes yes all forms of environmental protest must be completely zero environmental impact otherwise they are totally invalid. Yes yes. What a convenient intellectual dressing-up for those who’d rather not confront inconvenient truths.

Tbf it is hard to argue on laz's expertise on the mediocre mind

@???  - it was beetroot juice.

@Rhamnosia - XR have three key aims - go see their website. In terms of why they chose this particularaction against the treasury, see the article in the guardian and the quotations from the protesters (wish I could link the article but I'm a bit hapless in that regard). Their quotation should probably explain but in any event, I'd expect most people to be able to second guess the links between our economic policies and the massive environmental issues we're now facing.

The demands are nothing more specific than "act now", that's meaningless. Specifically what do they want ? "Cutting carbon emissions" isn't a specific demand and "by 2025" is impossible. Unless we all turn the heating off for winter and those left alive by spring eat mushrooms? Fuck carbon as a policy priority and fuck those useful idiots (meanwhile the populists shore up the international billionaires).

I see they are planning to dick around from 7th to 20th. Thanks, twats, it's not like the emergency services have anything else on.

so they have to have goals!

Oh, they have to have goals that you consider to be specific enough!

Oh, the goals need to be deliverable in a way that you're comfortable with!


If you're nitpicking that they're not structured or organised enough or have enough "metrics" by which you can assess their performance, you're really missing the fucking point.  Why not join them and you can do a bit of mba business management or work out a business case on the green book 5 case model to ensure deliverability against a series of measurables and tede-ables?

They have to ask for something

Magic beans don't count

What, specifically, do they think the government should do?

Oh details are for the little people

Maybe the reason they don't specify is because they know it will lose them support, even among the Thunberg Youth, when people realise it's electricity rations and no holidays or iPhones?

They're not a political party.  They are a lobbying organisation.  They are focused on a broad outcome - focusing government's efforts on environmental policies that reverse climate change as soon as possible.

Governments tend to view this as "oh, how can we do it, but still ensure economic growth at +3% PA or more".  When environmental protection is delivered subject to first passing a "can we still make da munnies" test, it's a fairly shit environmental outcome. 

In short - they are applying pressure to government to deliver those outcomes - they don't really care how.  So if Govt ban planes or iphones or airconditioning, or reduce cow numbers, or a mix of one or more of those or something else entirely and it stops global warming, then winner winner tofu dinner.

you're right, of course. Recent political events have shown time and again that it's the more complex demands (with reems of supporting facts) that land successfully in the public's collective consciousness rather than simple, one sentence slogans. What were XR thinking of?

Sarcasm aside, of course their two week event will disrupt. If it didn't, it wouldn't make the press (and raise the profile of the issues). That's actually the whole point and blow me, they seem to having more succuss in keeping the issues in the headlines any environmental group that came before them. I'd be surprised if they didn't work with police to minimise disruption to ambulances etc.

That's why they won't care about not executing the fire engine stunt particularly well. 

I saw that Greta speech today, the one where she gets totes emosh 

What an annoying little tosser 

Beetroot produces CH4 as it biodegrades, adding an appalling level of greenhouse gs to the atmosphere. 


Sorry the above was aimed at Rhamnosia's earlier post but Jelly monster articulated it far better than I did anyhow.

This is a heh for me, bit like time the hippies invaded the oil exchange and got the shit beaten out of them by a bunch of barrow boy traders 

@???  -   Arggh, go on then you've convinced me. They're a bunch of hypocritical tossers. I hear that they even used petrol to drive the fire engine to the treasury. Do they not think these things through?

They would have used diesel.


Hope they remember to pay the ULEZ charge on time.


They don’t have to ask for anything specific.

It should be, and is; enough for them to point out the craven stupidity of those who would rather turn a blind mind, like eg nearly everyone on this thread.

There is no obligation on them to demand anything whatsoever. It is sufficient for them to keep highlighting the problem.

“like time the hippies invaded the oil exchange and got the shit beaten out of them by a bunch of barrow boy traders”

This did not happen. No trader has ever won a fight with anyone.