experiences of deliveroo? I am done with these people , they seem to have all but given up now they have a virtual monolopy

Saturday I order a Pizza express, with the app saying it will be dlivered at 8.55-9.05. I arrive back at home at 8.45, where the driver tells me he has been sat outside for ten minutes. I refuse to take the pizza as it has been sat there steaming for 10 minutes. He calls head office , and passes me the phone they refuse to exchange the pizza or offer me a refund. Now the pizza is 20 minutes sat there.

He leaves with said pizza, and I call head office who refuse to budge. I then call a different number and eventually they relent saying they will credit me, I explain I don't want a credit but a refund which eventually a manager agrees to. Earlier in the week mu chicken wings were cold under cooked. Of about the 30 orders I have made, at least half there has been a serious issue with.

I now  just use a restaurants own delivery service or go pick it up. Another thing I have noticed the prices seem to be more expensive than you can get by ordering direct. Cheeky sods. Truly awful

I actually deleted the Deliveroo app at the beginning of the year.  It's an unhealthy and expensive habit.

i deleted it too judo then put it back on when i discovered a new .lebanese place nearby had gone on it.

i used to stick to pizzas on basis nothing else travels and seeing g as how we try to avoid eating pizza generally there didnt seem much point.

hoping for better with grilled meats/fatoush etc

Just do a ten minute shop once a week at an unbusy time or set up a regular online supermarket order and cook for yourself.  

You can have lovely food on the table with 10 mins effort.  Less if you buy pre-prepared dishes.

It will cost you about 1/5 of what you are paying for Deliveroo pizzas and be much healthier.  


agreed DS but there always occasions eg returning from a trip away or unexpected late return no fresh food.

For unexpected occasions there is always Abrakebra.   Although I agree taking the plane to Dublin is a bit of a time waster.

I tend to use Uber Eats more these days as my favourite places are on there.  Pizza Express always turns up faster than anticipated and you just need to factor that in when ordering.

I use deliveroo to deliver my lunch when I’m busy at work and also to send fresh bread and pastries up from ole & steen at the weekend, which feels extremely luxurious. Apart from that it’s just the odd maroush comfort food order. The app is very buggy on delivery times tho, I agree with that. 

I've almost stopped using it since they jacked the delivery fees up a few months ago. It's £3.50-£4 to get pretty much anything delivered to my place now.

That's because they want you to subscribe to the service with no delivery fees.  

To be honest I don't pay that much attention to the delivery times and just waiting for the notification that they are about to arrive.  I know from experience which places deliver quickly and which take their sweet time.  

Anyone else find that there's a tendency that when you fancy something in particular that restaurant isn't active on the app at that time?

Think we only use it for wagamammas these days. It seems to be the only thing that turns up hot 

thing about deliveroo is that outside of curry and Chinese and at a stretch pizza if you can warm it up, nothing travels well. 

I once got a burger and sides from cau. I have never actually been as crushingly disappointed as I was that day. 

Living in an area too remote to be in any catchment area for deliveries save my local Indian restaurant has saved me a fortune over the years

I’ve noticed they have cranked up the delivery prices to £4 , so I decided to get a weeks free subscription at £11 PCM. Cheeky sods took the money of my card there and then . When I pointed it out they apologised and returned the money. It’s just not worth it.

pizza probably travels the best out of all of them . I tried a delivery from Cote once it was horrible, even though Cote are a 2 min drive from my house.

what with prices that are more than the price direct from the restaurant, and the crap service one wonders if people will leave in their droves . They are still hugely loss making 

In the sticks take out is such a pain.... I bother about once every two years if that. 

They can never find the house, it's cold and the order is usually wrong.

And there is absolutely no decent curry house that does delivery in your area doggers. :(

Believe me, I tried them all.  

Out in the sticks I still go to the take away and pick my food up to avoid the problems Doggers has.

I've even got ice cream and sundaes through Deliveroo and Uber Eats and other than in high summer they've turned up only a bit melted which surprised me.

I often crave a burger and chips from them but have resisted as you know it will be a disaster.


nandos have it right, they don’t want their food tarnished by Deliveroo 

The nandos near my mum's deliveroos.

FYI Fish n chips travels really well

Meh is that Deliveroo doing it or a third party sub contractor down my way they don’t do it 

What Meh said. It does always arrive cold though.

I order sushi from Deliveroo pretty regularly. 

I recently had a Nandos via Deliveroo but that was the first time I'd seen it as an option.