Exeter Chiefs debate

where do you stand?

Me = should keep the name but should have changed the badge / branding and also got rid of the mascot (which i think they are going to do)


No change needed - this is just PR.

The Salisbury Slavers on the other hand...

They should move to Norwich and become The Witchfinders

Anything that stops them banging their Tom Tom drums and doing that ghastly wailing thing in the bar after a game.

Are they going to ban those blokes in their Native American headdress? 


Why on earth should they change the name?! It seems like a mark of respect.

I can see that the logo might be perceived as taking the mickey. A rebrand should be easy enough.

Agreed dux. The american team changing the name "redskins" i get, but Chiefs is used in my many contexts.

I think they are only changing the mascot not name or logo

No, but I mean even "chief" is a specifically Native American context is fine. Unless by the same token you're going to ban the Dallas Cowboys.

If they change their name to the Exeter Stormtroopers they've a ready made logo.

Tbf I can’t imagine many native Americans being that fussed by a logo used by a rugby club in Exeter

id be far more miffed by those bastards from Plymouth who turned up with smallpox and nicked all their land 

It is basically akin to the Exeter Piccaninnies, so find it odd they think it is all a laugh. Perhaps they can change it to the Exeter Chinamen with Batfink's sidekick as the mascot? 

If only I had the cash to buy them could change their name to the Exeter Inbreds with a toothless simpleton as their mascot. 

Tbf I can’t imagine many native Americans being that fussed by a logo used by a rugby club in Exeter

Well you're wrong. Lots have come out and said they find sports team perpetuating stereotypes about native americans is offensive

I'm hoping my local club will be addressing the appalling racism towards people who are of multiple colours.

More that I doubt many Americans have heard of rugby or Exeter but that’s not a great reason to keep it tbf 


A chief was a derogatory word for us at school.

They should just change it to Exeter RFC and be done with it. The whole Sale Sharks, Exeter Chief thing is fucking lame regardl;ess of how offensive it is.

Rugby clubs have always been bigger on nicknames than football clubs tbf 

What's wrong with just Exeter. Works for Liverpool.

The Exeter bin dippers?

The Exeter candle lighters?

The Exeter foreign fan murderers?

I saw an interview with a native American leader and he said he'd talked to lots of his people and none of them had any objection to the Washington Redskins name.

Something else going on there. Anyway, they are now just called Washington.

I'd be happy with just Exeter. I do like the tomahawk chop though.

I had no ides Exeter went by "the chiefs" these days

I’ve always thought of their name in the cockney sense - “right you are, Chief”

In the light of this suggest the Exeter Guv’nors

It is Devonian custom to refer to your 1st XV as ‘chiefs’ 

I’m surprised by that laz - they have been using the name for 20 years.

Surely when you played nearly top flight rugby you encountered them?

Apparently the chiefs nickname is 100 years old struts.  So said the times the other day.

Ma6be the Exeter moonrakers (Or was that Cornwall?)

Used as branding for 20 years, but yes as a nickname much older.

No, but weirdly they seem to care about their feet

When do you think that people will start questioning the morality of calling a club “Saracens”?