Execution methods - US

Bit confused.

People on death row are asking for the electric chair because lethal injections seem to not really be working very quickly.

There is a very fast and painless method of suicide, well publicised but I obviously won't name it here, which takes a few seconds for the person to fall unconscious and then they are dead within about a minute.  That's using home made equipment.

Why on earth does the US government or state authorities just authorise this simple euthanasia method rather than going for those other two options, neither of which fill me with confidence in terms of how painless it will be?

Is it because it's related to use of a gas so they're worried about comparisons with nazi germany or something?  Really don't understand.

The main issue is the fact that drug manufacturers will no longer sell drugs if they know they are going to be used for capital punishment.  As a result states are reliant on whatever they've got in stock or can source from third parties with fewer moral scruples than drug companies.

Well sure, but I was more curious as to why alternative and well known painless methods aren't being adopted. 

it's interesting that we favoured hanging and the French the guillotine.

I suspect it's the American love of drama and spectacle that means they want a big machine doing multiple injections and lost of flashing lights rather than someone just quietly dozing off sitting there breathing normally.

Surely it wold be pretty easy for the government to set up a very small facility of its own to produce a few dozen grammes of Fentanyl every year. That should be more than sufficient for their requirements.

As bad as it sounds, some of the people being put to death don't deserve a painless end imo

Putting the condemned through suffering of that kind brings us down to their level.  Removal from society by execution, well I don't have so much of an issue - as the deterrent at the very least - but going down that slippery path is not in anyone's best interests.


What Meh suggested would be my first choice if I had to go 

Jude, it has always struck me that hanging (if done by a skilled nooseman) is one of the least awful modes of capital punishment.  click, drop, crack, ~fin~

the guillotine would also be ok if it worked (i seem to remember reading that they were unreliable).  on the upsixe u'd be able to know if that thing where u r still conscious as you look up from the basket was true or not.

I also recall reading that the inventors of both electric chair and guillotine met their ends by, quite literally, bein hoist by their own (respective) petards.  Gottem

that's so interesting, Wang.

There is something a bit Discworld about executioners.


And tecco there is reams of research that the DP doesnt have a deterrent effect (most murders are not calmly planned by rational people weighing up pros and cons) and in fact can have quite the reverse.  I had to read tonnes of this shyt when I accidentally chose sentencing and the penal system at university.  fck u howard league.

I think one of the states looked at bringing back during squad as they couldn't get the drugs anymore. 

Heh. Cant believe I also chose to do criminology and penology. IIRC I got a low Desmond if not a marginal Douglas.


purile hehs @ ZG and Wango's use of DP

on a thread about the death penalty, I find "third parties with fewer moral scruples than drug companies" the most chilling thought

According to one website I frequent, a shotgun to the head is the single best method of achieving virtually instant death with a 99% success rate and an agony rating of only 5%.

By comparison electrocution is 60% successful with an agony rating of 75 and takes far longer to achieve death.

So, shotguns to the head should fulfill the 'not cruel or unusual punishment' criteria.

Doesnt score so well on distress levels upon finding the body though, true enough.

I knew a guy who tried the shotgun route out in the woods and got it wrong and ended up walking half a mile to the nearest house having blown half his face off before collapsing and taking a couple of days to die in hospital.

I always the guillotine would be a good way to go, but the sceptics dont like that as its associated with cheese eating surrender monkeys and no doubt is 'un-american'.

Sleeping pills, booze, a plastic bag and some string

Don't use this to discuss (unreliable!) suicide methods plx abs 

All execution is barbaric but I don't really understand how the yanks are STILL managing to fvck this up so badly.

Surely a small government controlled lab could be set up to manufacture the relevant drugs. 


Donny think they’d have IP issues unless they use very old generic drugs that are no longer protected.

Swinging from an Islamic crane is also a useful 3rd world invention,

utilised by the Taliban on Najibullah