Excellent insightful summary by Katie on Londonstan

I guess this was always Celtic Labour's plan



Labour has not existed in the "celtic" nations for years, it's leader is a Londoner and all that "plan" is a result of 9 years of conservative values rolling the country socially backwards 

but do please keep posting your racist rants, don't do an 8chan reach for the AK 

I think it's pretty clear that he is the inventor of Sonichu, Christian Weston Chandler aka "Chrischan"

Mel Gibson's father, John Smith's ghost and Gerry Adams made this plan to get Israel for reasons unknown.  Possibly also the Pope.  Not sure what one though.

He thinks he freaks us „lefties“ out when he’s just embarrassing himself 

Point of information: J Corbyn is from Chippenham

Hahaha you called it Londonstan because some brown people live there hahahahaha

I don't still how Londonstan can be blamed on Irish people.


Wilson, Callaghan, Kinnock ,Healy, Prescott, Brown, Blair ,Starmer 

All genetic Celts  

We should be rooted out and something done about us.  Hiding in plain sight.  Everywhere.


that's a pretty place to argue from I'll grant you

right up there with quoting the Kinnock government's immigration policy


Was Wilson a "genetic Celt"? It's an English name.

He was certainly less Scottish than, say, Douglas-Home or Macmillan or Cameron I'd have thought. 

Eugenics through surname analysis is a obviously a great idea and better / more robust than skull measuring.