Everything Everywhere All at Once

Watched this tonight. I thought it was weird, boring and shit, all at once.

I thought the first hour or so was fine, indeed gloriously exhilarating, but the weirdness dragged on too long. By the THIRD time we saw the two rocks talking to each other I was like, fuxaches.

The appeal is "only I and my fellow sophisticates appreciate high art at this level. People who don't like it are just awful.  They should should to watching sports ball."


I fvcking love it.  I laughed out loud so many times.  Yes, thematically the stuff about the multiverse is not new and neither are films exploring family relationships but the execution is is unexpected, and silly and off-the-wall.  The part where Michelle Yeoh fights like Waymond (by doing positive and kind things for the enemy) was really sweet and loving.

I and my fellow sophisticates appreciate high art at this level.

High art?  Where do you get that....?  There's a universe where people have sausage fingers for godsake.  I mean, the baddies reboot by landing hard on butt-plugs and are destroyed by being beaten by dildos.  High art?  wtf film were YOU watching?

I live michelle yeoh, she's one of those women who gives me unrealistic hope about being hot in one's fifties.

I didn't enjoy the film but a lot of people whose opinions i respect did so i am happy to consider that this is wrong of me

I quite enjoyed it. The rocks thing was cute. Some of the other stuff makes no sense and/or not even vaguely  amusing e.g. sausage fingers and dildos. But it's a fun ride.

Good to find this thread.  Watched about 30 mins last night and not sure I can be bothered watching the rest.  I quite liked it until it went all sci fi / parallel universey  - nice set up with the family laundromat etc.

Yeah I loved this, ultimately. It was weird and funny and ultimately very sweet. It is utterly unlike anything I have otherwise seen and for that alone it's worth its accolades.

I watched it on a night flight. Fell asleep and missed last 20 mins. Didn’t like it enough to watch it again, but would still like to know how it ends. Can anyone pls explain?

I got about 30 mins in and then got bored.

Have been meaning to finish it given how all the critics have raved about it. Haven't got round to it yet.

Was wondering if I was lacking some kind of cultural appreciation that all the critics have. Glad to hear it might just be pretentious bollox!