even barristers succumb to the lure of private equity.

I found this investment perplexing to say the least . If nothing else I can’t see at first blush what the exit strategy/thesis is ?

LDC held Keoghs in their portfolio for an age . No idea how that went , but I imagine not well given it is a defendant insurance bucket shop doing stuff at fixed fees or a few pennies an hour .

Just had a look at Clerksroom.

  • One is an old chum of mine.
  • One is a chap I had on the other side once, called in about 1947.
  • One is a certified lunatic.
  • The other 227 I haven't even heard of. 

It was back in 2001 a day out of the office for me in in Milton Keynes County Court. Judge Mostyn. Stephen Ward was well prepared, no nonsense. I think they were the first lot to let  solicitors just email briefs. The poor barrister from the other side was from some Inns of Court in London was late, didn't appear to have read the file at all. Winging it. Good on his feet though. Was that you on the other side?