Epstein charged

This should get interesting.


Trump, Clinton and Dershowitz likely to be implicated in some pretty serious kiddie fiddling.

I'm absolutely convinced Barr is involved too.  Someone having evidence of kiddy fiddling is literally the only thing that could explain his actions.  Nothing else would be serious enough to explain his behaviour.  There must be tapes.

Apparently Maxwell's daughter is implicated as a provider of young women...

If he flips, which he will, there’s going to be some interesting times ahead for quite a few people.

and Prince Andrew is a bona fide nonce.  I wonder, how would a royal get treated in the nonce wing of a max security US prison?

Also, given all former presidents have a secret service guard, wtf are they going to do when Trump and Clinton are in prison?

I wonder which meme Draco will use when he finds this thread?

Apparently it isn't the sex trafficking unit that is leading on the prosecution, rather the public corruption one. Ouch.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of nude photographs of young girls recovered.  If they can be proved to be underage then that’s manufacturing child porn as a federal offence and he will never see daylight again given the sentencing for that.  Good.

Public corruption - meaning that they’re not “just” looking at the (evidently very nasty) sexual offences against minors but federal corruption charges and a wider net/bigger ? ? 

It’s likely related to the odd behaviour of Acosta during the original charges and the incredibly lenient bargain that was sealed without the victims even being made aware of its existence, which isn’t legally sound.

Yeah I read that earlier.  He’s going to discover he has absolutely no friends anymore, very very soon.

Trump has no pardon power in this case either does he?

he might be stupid enough to try it if he thinks Epstein might spill his guts on what trump really got up to....

He does actually, these are all federal charges which is within his gift to pardon.  Thing is though, you can only take the fifth so as to not incriminate yourself, so if anything dodgy were to come up about Trump he could be required to testify against him.  

Thats why Trump hasn’t pardoned any of his other buddies I suspect.

The fact that this is being prosecuted by the public corruption unit should have a quite a few people very concerned.

They are aiming to throw him straight in the slammer and then lean on him HARD to give up everyone involved... in both the trafficking and offending and on the sweet and totally non legit prosecution agreement he got for it in Florida.

Wonder if this will be the thing that brings down Trump..


Just a guess - is there an issue with an existing plea bargain/DPA (in Florida?) that would prevent retrial of Epstein/associates for the sexual offences/offences involving minors but doesn’t stretch to corruption offences? B interesting also the angle on Epstein being alleged to have committed some offences in NY (over which Florida court presumably has no jurisdiction). Chr1st, these people are absolute slime, aren’t they? Where ARE Hannibal Smith and the boys when you need them?

Would anyone be surprised if he were to "commit suicide" within the next few weeks? 

I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. He likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.

Guess who??

From a 2010 deposition of Jeffrey Epstein:

“Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?
“A: Though I'd like to answer that question, at least today I'm going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.”

I have only seen the references to Clinton (and Prince Andrew et al) in connection with this - is there any credible reporting about the Trump connection? Was Trump ever on Epstein's island etc?

Yep, and on his plane, and Epstein was at Mar-a-Shitehole.

Much as I’d love it if he were implicated I strongly doubt it’s anything other than an association that he is involved with.  

Acosta though, well his plea bargain was unlawful so he is in real trouble, can’t see beyond a resignation by the labour secretary in the coming weeks.



As far as I'm aware this was dropped because the complainant determined not to pursue it given various threats which were made against her and which she was in fear of her life from.


There was never any admission from her that her complaints were false and if you actually read the court documents in that case (which I did ages ago) they were extremely damning.



Trump has been accused of rape and sexual assault by dozens of women.. including his own ex wife.

Why everyone is so ready to give him a pass on this is beyond me.


And Trump has been recorded boasted about hitting on women and sexually assaulting them.

Grab them by the pussy anyone?

Again.. I have no idea why these multiple credible accusations are just swept aside especially given what we do already know about him and from his own admissions.


Oh no I’m sure he’s in it up to his eyeballs, however he’s Teflon. People are too scared to involve him so he will get past this one as just “by association”.


I'm not sure everyone is ready to give a guy whose favourite pass times include bursting in unannounced to the changing rooms of the teenagers hired by his "modelling agency" (the one Epstein publicly stated he used as a template for his own), just incels like Klaus up there.

On balance, it's pretty clear that Trump is a child rapist.  This isn't he said she said, it's the biggest liar in history said vs tens of women said.

The single most damning part about the non prosecution deal that Epstein got in Florida is that it also protected any and all of his totally unnamed potential co conspirators and other offenders at the same time.

How can there possibly be a non prosecution agreement against unnamed potential co-conspirators?

Who were these people and what on earth warranted giving them the benefit of this deal?


Royal family, future president of the us, co founder of google, past president of the us.

says it all really.

Attorney Jack Scarola called the co-conspirators clause an “extraordinary provision” written for “inexplicable reasons.” He represents Bradley Edwards, a lawyer for Epstein victims, in a malicious prosecution claim against Epstein that was set for trial this week in West Palm Beach state court.

Scarola said, “I have been practicing law for 45 years, including five as a criminal prosecutor, and I have never heard of such a deal in which unnamed co-conspirators were given blanket immunity for unnamed crimes.”

Joel Hirschhorn, a veteran criminal defense lawyer who is not involved in the Epstein litigation, called the blanket immunity clause “bizarre,” and added, “The whole thing stank from the beginning.”

Barr has recused himself due to his Kirkland Ellis connection. The next two down at DoJ are also Kirkland Ellis - so the responsible person will be the one who ran the Butina case...

Tbf to Epstein I think I would be embarassed to admit having socialised with trump

I wonder what Mccartney thinks about all this.

to the extent he thinks any more, he would probably say "all you need is love".  

“Epstein listed 14 phone numbers for Trump; his wife, Melania; his longtime personal assistant, Norma Foerderer; his houseman; and his security officer. Other Trumps in the book ... include the president’s ex-wife Ivana; and their daughter, Ivanka.”


Has anyone figured out what Epstein did for a living that made him a billionaire? He claims to have managed and invested money for other billionaires and taken a commission - he must have been really good to have become a billionaire on the strength of that, but there are tons of Wall Street and hedge fund types on Twitter who are claiming never to have heard of him in relation to managing money..only for shadowy political connections..

No one has ever proved that he's a billionaire either.


No wonder he and Trump get along

Draco on great form on this thread. 

heh what a state.