England vs India 4th Test

Pitch not as bad and England won the toss.

still shite at batting 100-4 when I woke up. Going to be tough to win from here

Stokes gone.

Dan Lawrence playing as a specialist batsman at 7?? Doing his best to get a golden duck. 

do the indians hate cricket? no fooker is going to these games.

They should just play all international cricket in england. best pitches, best crowds etc.

we picked the extra batsman but will prob get rolled for sub 300

cue India get 500....  Bess figures 3-160

Ashwin is a tidy player tbf

much better team selection from England, baffling decision to leave Bess out last time

Limped just past 200.

Time for Bess to chuck down some full tosses and half trackers so that Sharma can get his eye in and race to 65* at close of play. 

C4 just summed it up - England have made one good score in 7 innings. The first innings of first Test where Root racked up a double ton. Other than that it has been dismal in every innings with no idea how to play spin. 

We want to do just enough to keep giving Australia hope.

Not sure why people delude themselves about England. They need their own dodgy pitches for their own bowlers in order to win for the most part. 

That's not what I said, but keep reading what you want to delude yourself. All the TMS team are saying this is a normal Indian pitch. What amazing victories has this team achieved to show their batting prowess away from home (having recently lost to WI at home in any event)? 

Bananaman are you under the impression that people generally think that this is an England team which has achieved brilliant victories and shown great batting prowess away from home?

you know that the laws of cricket specify what a good pitch is right banana? and they basically describe an english pitch.

Yes I know about pitch categorisation, but people seem to act as if there's no "home advantage" prep. Both teams have to bat on it, and Eng are proving their batting is just woeful rather than the victim of a foreign conspiracy.  

I don’t think I’ve spoken to anybody who doesn’t have pretty much all of the following views:

- England’s batting line-up is pretty weak and inexperienced, particularly to play in these conditions
- England were always looking at a convincing series defeat in India given this and the quality of India’s spinners and batsmen in comparison
- Teams are always going to prepare helpful pitches and India aren’t the only ones that do it by any stretch
- Preparing successive pitches where the ball is exploding off the pitch on Day 1 and Joe Root takes a Michelle in a 5-session Test is taking the piss a bit, even though England would have probably got a pasting on any pitch
- Despite all the points above England should not be collapsing as they do in basically every innings
- To the extent it’s relevant, the (third) umpiring has at times been a disgrace but had no bearing on the overall result.

Im not sure who is expressing the views that you seem to be arguing with bananaman

I'm not arguing with anyone. There just seems to be a lot of "this is unbelievable", when it is v. believable. It's a bit like England in the football world cup. 

Anyone watching this morning? Kwality stuff from Jimmy and Stokesy 

shame about Bess-y

India 130-5, England could yet have a small 1st innings lead in what seems likely to be another v low-scoring test?

Drawn series possible (which is an achievement) although England will have to rediscover how to bat pretty sharpish if that’s to happen.

nb, pretty much spot on. I'd quibble with  " even though England would have probably got a pasting on any pitch". after all we didn't get pasted in the first match when the pitch was flat

There is virtually no one inside the stadium.


has anyone been watching?  have India's batsmen been as bad as England's?

Don't see how you can write all that, nb, and then claim that "England shouldn't be collapsing".

As diceman says, they didn't collapse in the first test. And since then, India, a far more experienced batting side on home pitches, have also been regularly collapsing.

It's exactly what you would expect on these pitches.

have India's batsmen been as bad as England's?‘

The seamers have bowled well tbf - not much you can do against Anderson when he is in that sort of rhythm and Stokes has been on form 

they’ve looked much better against the spinners (as you might expect)

This is just a tease by England right.... England win and Australia make the test final. England are going to have a strong first innings, get my hopes up and then capitulate in the second innings.

Spurius I said that they shouldn’t be collapsing as they do in every game. You expect a few poor scores from this line-up against this attack on these pitches, including a few collapses across a series. But not getting skittled 6 innings in a row.

Bess is not up to it at this level - chucking down as much pies as he does is unforgivable. Ironically the worse the pitch is, the more reluctant I would be to play him. In a low-scoring game you can’t afford to have a batsman racing to 20* and swinging the momentum because he is given a few half-trackers and full tosses from a spinner. 

This ^^

Pant is a really destructive batsman - this knock by him could decide the match. Chucking him full tosses etc and losing all momentum from the Ashwin wicket is unforgivable

That umpires call against Pant is quite funny to be fair. At least two thirds of the ball is hitting the wicket and he is on the back foot.

For reasons unknown DRS apparently not only pretends that the bails don’t exist, it actually reduces the notional height of the stumps to the base of the groove. Strange. 

He will struggle even more in England, where they are only ever going to play one spinner and for large parts of games their main role is going to be holding down an end for a long period on a pretty unhelpful pitch whilst the seamers have a rest.

Can’t have Ben Stokes getting flogged for 25 overs an innings because Bess goes for 4-5 an over every time he comes on. 

Pity as he offers a bit with the bat, fields well and when he gets it right, his bowling is tough to play. Too many loose deliveries however. Leach has really got back into his stride which is great to see.

It’s odd, he was our best bowler in the 1st innings of the first 1st test but he doesn’t seem to have recovered from the battering he took in the 2nd innings

Pant raced to 20 because Root gifted him his first 10 or so runs. 

Also it's ridiculous griping about DRS going one way when Sharma was given out to a double umpire's call. 

Stokes getting smashed about now.

They'll finished on 300+ here.

He was lucky in that first innings of the first test. He bowled a load of shite and got wickets from poor shots by the Indians.

stupid fooking review as well. was heading about 20cm wide of the stumps

What about Pant eh? Super player. Got to respect the way he goes about it.

this is hard to watch. india are absolutely smashing us here

Pant playing a reverse sweep vs Anderson with the new ball

sad to see

Jimmy not bowling badly. Got to appreciate the chutzpah.

Slipping away. Another 10 wicket loss coming up?

an innings loss possible here tbh

marvellous 100 by pant though. something special about getting your 100 with a 6

The game has gone in the space of 2 hours. Pant took the game away from you. 

If Sundar gets to 100 you will lose by an innings. 

But the pitch the pitch...

England bowled out for under 80 I reckon. 

Jackofhearts05 Mar 21 08:05



India 130-5, England could yet have a small 1st innings lead in what seems likely to be another v low-scoring test?

Drawn series possible (which is an achievement) although England will have to rediscover how to bat pretty sharpish if that’s to happen.




well that didn’t quite go according to plan, did it?

Cheeky ton partnership between Flakes and Lawrence, and it's game on.

Christ. 95-6

Regardless of any pitch issues, we are just being outclassed.


Unusual to see a fielder saying he isn’t sure he’s caught it when he actually has. Fair play - great catch too.