England v France
Wang's Upon a Time 10 Feb 19 14:52
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Come on!

also COYS

Daly is pretty solid too, Wellers..and he set that up...! 

Although should be said that it was terrible defending by France.

May is the most ungainly and unnatural player but he's weirdly effective 

Dude Michael Johnson looked weird as he ran.  he was fckng fast tho.  see too Mr bolt.

Oh come on France... ...make a game of it at least. Their defence hasn't got any better since... [fill in own derogatory phrase]

I'm sure I spotted the French full back lining up in our defensive line for a moment.  Seemed to forget which side he's on...

This is great stuff by england.

france are utter shite

Deserved try by Penaud.

England are showing great purpose and discipline.

All tributes to Eddie Jones: but more than Aussies they look like All Blacks!

I've just found myself cheering chris ashton



Unless GOOD FRANCE turn up in 15 mins, which is entirely possible.  

the commentary team before was right - the french look like a team of bloaters, whereas england look proper chiselled

I dont think it was clear that ashton would have scored re that penalty try...

May was definitely holding the French lad back for the Farrell try. Would have been fuming if it had been the other end


“I’m a Tottenham fan and my team never wins anything.”

You're only as good as your last game.  How's yours going?

I may want to lie in a darkened room for a few hours....  catastrophe.


“I started supporting Chelsea in 2005”

If you don’t think your team losing 5-0 is a catastrophe regardless of who you support then there’s something wrong.

Time to bring the Special One back, to install some discipline 

That's like a day where u accidentally fall into tecco's bath

I couldn't think of a worse defeat since I've been supporting Chelsea (early 90s) and apparently it's the worst defeat since a 7-0 in 1991.  So yeah,  that's absolutely the worst result I've ever seen us get.  Ah well, never mind, we only have a cup final against them in a fortnight....

It should make it better that the whole of france feels worse

I really didn't.  But thanks for making me feel bad and ruining my otherwise excellent day.

"Going to burn in hell" isn't quite the same thing as "hottie", ML.

the quality of being hot; high temperature.

"though it was quite as hot in the tent as in the house it was a very different sort of hotness"