Another toss won by England. Quick start. 44-0 off first five overs. Obviously all about to go tits up.

We have discovered "pinch hitting" 20 years after Sri Lanka stole the show.

Both Bairstow and Roy have become increasingly wristy drivers of the ball. They used to be all top elbow checked drivers, now they look like they are scooping out vats of ice cream.

Your action has also become increasingly wristy as time goes by.

Is the boundary particularly short at chester le Street, or are Roy and Bairstow just going very hard?

Has the hallmarks of another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

Hope our bowlers cop on more than this dross middle order has.

You twat. Couldn’t keep quiet for 3 more balls? Who do you think you are, Wellington?

Looks pretty much an absolute par score to me and a 50/50 game but we should have been closer to 350 here

Weird how good they are at so any sports given they have the same total population as north of the river london

Strutter wishes they were good in HIS sports, like extreme knitting, cobbling and cribbage

Well there’s no point in being a damn fool about it and picking a sport where there’s too much competition is there?

I at least have a shot at some serious silverware.





leave it.


shut the fuck up.


Let it come

well thank fuck for that 

looks like we get to play India at Edgbaston, again

and if we win that, lose to Australia at Lords again

Top 4 is a decent enough result but anything could happen now . A lot of pressure is off now they no longer face the humiliation of being knocked out in the first round at home. 

All the weight of expectation is on Australia.

I think we are just starting to peak at the right time, if we can stay injury free... well who knows.  I’ve dared to dream a few times before and the last couple of times it paid off, in club football.  Let’s just see eh.