Eng v Denmark


I’m going for a 3:1 win.

No he’s not a fraud but he needs to work a lot harder than he currently is. Doesn’t help having TAA next to you. Feel sorry for him - he appears to not have a clue what he’s doing. You would pick him for his delivery on the right but he seems to be playing as some sort of deep lying centre mid 

I go off to cook and eat and come back to this. What have you lot done, eh?

Can’t trust you with anything.

That’s it, I’m not taking my eyes off the game.

I get that the pitch here is diabolical and the German FA needs a talking to, but that's no excuse for this nonsense. 

Harsh yellow for Gallagher. Might come back to haunt. 

Tbf heff, the route one hoof is preferable to their other tactic of passing it 50 yards across the goal several times before hoofing it upfield or giving it away

I'd bet a tenner that Southgate will start the same team again, set up the same way with a maximum of one (1) change. The fact he hooked TAA so early suggests he will start Gallagher next match. 

This is the average position of each England player in the period between Kane scoring and Denmark equalising. 

Southgate out before the final group game. Get Ian Wright to take over, I don't care, even a training cone or no manager at all.

There is something so dull and stultifying about the way England play even when we were doing ok in the first 20 minutes or so.  We have an incredibly talented attacking team and they should be playing fluidly like Man City, any chance we can prize Pep from City?

The trouble is, not sure it’s Southgate. It’s the English mindset in general and has been for the 40 odd years I’ve watched (with the occasional wonderful exception): if you go one up, defend that lead for the rest of the match. Hence my 17:23.

We’ve almost always been too negative.

I disagree Jim, week in and week out players like Rice, Bellingham, Stones, Foden etc are playing for dynamic teams who look to attack and get multiple goals ahead. They are being told to play this way. Old school, tournament football. Useless management from the dark ages.

i've never heard anything like the commentary last night. the punditry were properly done with it. 

Shearer was on the verge of a full-on meltdown for 70 minutes and was skating on the edge of outright saying Kane needs to retire. 

There’s something off about this tournament. Little to no hype. People just don’t seem that arsed about it. I’ve seen one car and one house with St George flags on it in the last two weeks. Even the pubs aren’t really trying. I’ve seen two England goals and sat impassively for both. Dunno what it is. Resignation that we won’t get close? Boredom? Apathy? 

Bentines, it seems like that every time, particularly for the Euros (the WC is a bigger deal from the off I think) if England progress it will become a bigger deal.

It was a nice afternoon yesterday and I was sitting in the garden with a glass of red.

The missus said 'England are playing'. I honestly couldn't be bothered to come inside and watch it.

The performances have been shit but England cannot really win in the group section.  Everybody is so certain they will progress they are not particularly interested and the main focus of the team is to ensure there is not a huge upset.   We normally bore our way through the group stages (with perhaps one decent win), have a good performance or two against mid ranking teams in the knockouts before losing to one of the big beasts.  Cannot see it any different this time.

RR - not talking about club level but the age old problem of transferring that to the international stage. Think you might be forgetting how shite we’ve been repeatedly in the past with exactly the same mindset and type of performance.

if progression from the group is a certainty, why aren't they using these games to settle in, get some goalscoring manoevres under the belt, get some confidence, team bonding and high spirits? First game in the knockout section, they will get slaughtered.  It's utterly pathetic and very frustrating. Look at Spain, France, Germany. 

Everybody is so certain they will progress they are not particularly interested and the main focus of the team is to ensure there is not a huge upset.

Agree but compare to Spain who will go for it in every match, so by the time they meet another big team in the knockouts they will be ready/used to it.

RR - not talking about club level but the age old problem of transferring that to the international stage.

The players are good enough, the manager is not. Feck it, get Mourinho in for the rest of the tournament.

Part of the problem is that the England set up may now be overly technical with the same style of play being taught from youth level up through to the senior squad giving far less room to change things up.  Unfortunately that style is pretty boring and does utilise properly the unique talents we currently have at our disposal.

A lot of it is down to the manager.  Negative and stifling was probably right when we had gems like Lallana at no.8.  But the way the manager we've now got wants to play is a poor fit for the team we've got.  They are trying to play the Southgate way (see Rof Royalty graphic above) but having to unlearn the muscle memory of what they train to do every day at club level.  Having to think about what to do instead of doing it by instinct may translate into only a half second slower reaction time, but that's a long time in high level sport.  

I agree international sides will seldom be as fluent as top club sides, but short of giving the squad lots more time with the manager (including competitive matches against decent opposition) the next best thing is to select a manager with a similar playing style to the majority of the team's club sides.