Eng v Aus cricket World Cup

I haven't seen the Buttler/Smith dismissal yet. I didn't know he'd managed to tinkle his ivory as well as getting him out. Could he also not have just walked up to SMith and punched him in the plums as he walked off?

Any Smith face humour pics available yet per my request to God above?

Noone has mentioned it yet but it looks that way to me. The ball practically disappears up Smith's arse and then appears out the other side hitting the stumps.

Bookies have us 1-6on as well also implies a 85% chance.  I don't think it's anywhere near that high either.  Get through the first 10-15 overs with the Aussie new ball attack unscathed or only 1 down say and I'll start to lighten up a bit.

For sure though if we are ever going to win a Cricket world cup it's pretty much now or never I think, hence agree totally on the tension.

That was an absolutely appalling decision... nowhere near hitting the ball...