Eng v Aus cricket World Cup

Have some Edgbaston hospitality Aussies. Revenge time for Rooooooot 

Aussies going off at 6/5, England 8/11. 

Quite fancy the aussies at that price. Whoever wins the toss will win

Toss will be important 

just have a good feeling about this one 

if this was at lords and England hadn't excelled in their last two matches against top sides I'd be sceptical, but it's at Edgbaston and they did 

In this World Cup it has proved to be critical to bat first 

NZ for example won toss and batted first in their semi even though all the conditions indicated fielding first would be the right decision. Thereafter they struggled to bat and morale must have been very low by the time India were starting their innings, but NZ still won... 

why exactly do people thing the toss is so important?

Whoever bats first wins this game

Australia to bat first again. 


Better luck next time England. 

Weird how batting first has become the default choice, a complete reversal in the last few years.

I wonder if it is due to the style of one day battling, far less technical and far more innovative.

I was always taught: bat first unless there's a very good reason not to.

Getting Finch out first ball is great. but it tees up what is written in the stars: Smith and Warner versus the England attack.  What a beauty. 

Guy when was this time of choosing to bowl first that you speak of?

Isn’t the old maxim something like 9 times out of ten, if you win the toss bat first. The tenth time, think about bowling but then bat first anyway. 

I am hoping that Smith gets a decent innings but is left on 99 due to a lack of players at the other end, and that we chase, say 150 and win. I want that because I want to see the look on his miserable face.

I love Aussies, but Smith is a disgrace (in fairness, he's half Pom). He also has such a punchable face.

Oh yes. 

It seems we may have pulled our proverbial finger out and started rather well.


We’ve got this wrapped up. The Aussies may as well concede now



It would be quite amusing if they did concede, and everyone just packed up and went home.

Of course, if the pitch is fielder friendly, the same conditions will apply to us in due course

Yes, let's not underestimate our ability to beat Australia at the ancient art of collapsing.

Hopefully, we’ll be chasing an achievable score and able to bat conservatively if the pitch is bowler-friendly. 

Michael Vaughan, “These are such difficult conditions to bat in. The ball is just doing enough either way.”

Let’s not tempt Fate but my fingers are very firmly crossed

And that's with the batting order reversed and Archer batting left-handed for lols.

ffs tgis is going to be that fanoir starc getting us all oot for 12 isnt it

I think Wood is going to get Smith this over.

That is almost Jayerz level of bad prediction

Wellers, he played the last 'bowl' and missed by about 0.0003 mm. 

Er have you ever even played cricket man? There are only 6 'bowls' in an over.

Er have you ever even played cricket man? There are only 6 'bowls' in an over.

you're not watching the game are you. Two horrendous wides. It was a shockingly bad over

The rebowled wides don't count as another bowl Wellers.  

Se the cricinfo report on the 12th over below noting the numbering of the bowls. 

Also note that I was talking about the last bowl not the sixth bowl.


Wood to Smith, no run, wide of the crease, angling in towards off, forces Smith into jabbing at it, then straightens late past the outside edge. Cracking ball to close out a long over. Nearly found the edge


Wood to Smith, no run, good length and holds its line outside off, Smith ignores it



Wood to Smith, 1 wide, very full and slanting down the leg side as Smith shuffles across and does not get any bat onto his leg-side flick


Wood to Carey, 1 run, Stokes throws himself to his right from backward pointand stops a certain four. Short and outside off, thrashed on the up. Stokes swoops down on the ball. England's fielding has been sharp today


Wood to Carey, 2 leg byes, another leg-side delivery, Carey gets a little tickle, Woakes runs across from long leg, slides near the edge of the boundary, and hauls the ball in smartly. He saves a couple for England



Wood to Carey, 1 wide, banged down the leg side, 140ks, Carey swerves out of the way, leg-side wide now from Wood


Wood to Carey, no run, full and swinging away outside off, Carey loses his patience. He slashes recklessly and misses


Wood to Smith, 1 run, very full and wide outside off, Smith doesn't need any second invitations. Caressed away to sweeper cover



Wood to Smith, 1 wide, mighty full, starts outside off and nips away, finishing past the tramline. Off-side wide

Fun fact:

If you mispell cricinfo in your internet browser you can learn some interesting facts about circumcision.

Reckon Smith is not looking as settled and comfortable as he would like to be at this point.  I say he's the next to go then Carey's concentration will flag and his wicket will fall soon after that. Carey's face is now swelling up inside that full bandage and it is pretty impressive that he's there at all.  But it cannot be sustainable. Gritty fucker, I will give him that. Great poise with the bat.  Smith still rocky though.

Carey is proper nails. Former GWS Giants captain, I didn't realise that.

I love how much i jinxed the Aussies. They will almost certainly win this.

157 for 6. 15 overs to go.

Wango might well have called it:

I am hoping that Smith gets a decent innings but is left on 99 due to a lack of players at the other end, and that we chase, say 150 and win. I want that because I want to see the look on his miserable face

7 down now

do all the fellas at the top of the thread still think the toss will be crucial?....

Would quite like Mitchell Starc to be slogging away on strike as hard as he can for for the next 12 overs, with a run rate of 1, scored on the last bowl of each over. 

diceman, it is a game of two innings. England might be even worse than this...

I know that. that's why it was a question.

hopefully we won't be chasing more than 250

do all the fellas at the top of the thread still think the toss will be crucial?

Lets revisit when England are 23-5 and Starc is on a hattrick

my plan for getting Smith close to a tun but running out of batsmen at the other end is looking sound.  I hope they fuck off for around 225 and he gets 99. I then hope they lose.


Wood 7 overs 0 maidens runs 33 0 wickets econ 4.71

Plunkett 8 overs 0 maidens 44 runs 0 wickets econ 5.50


5.5 isn't that bad in a ODI!

Stokes has the same econ but has only bowled 4 overs. I guess they are saving him for the run chase !

I was posting those because I disagreed with the Welli comment and even he was partly correct, which he wasn't, then Plunkett was worse 

I may not be able to continue at work today. It's just not happening.

" I hope they fuck off for around 225 "


223, even better. and killed off with a Yorker. Bloody brilliant effort.

The predictor thing has Eng at 85%, Oz at 15%

Seems optimistic


Seems very unhelpful and entirely wrong


Now that England have to bat, and Starc is clearly adrenalized, anything can happen.


Mutters surprised you haven't commented on how Buttler threw the ball through Smith's legs, bruising his bellend and getting him out in one moment of genius.

This afternoon. Oh my God the tension. I think my anus is already actually rolling itself up from the inside and will soon arrive at my throat. And we haven't even started batting.