The end of the BBC poll tax is in reaching distance...

...The BBC could switch away from the licence fee to a Netflix-style voluntary subscription model, the director-general acknowledged yesterday.

The compulsory licence fee system is guaranteed until 2027, after which the broadcaster will have to negotiate a new funding arrangement with the government. Senior industry figures have called for the BBC to be transformed into an opt-in platform, meaning that viewers would be charged only if they watched its programmes.

“You could decide the BBC is a subscription service,” Lord Hall of Birkenhead told MPs.

I'd rather pay 10x the fee and get rid of all the bloody adverts on ITV etc.

Genuine question: how do you run a subscription radio service?  Is there some way they could encrypt radio signals so that only subscribers could listen or will they just do away with all of the radio stations?

Dux, you can get rid of ITV ads. Subscribe to ITV Hub and watch it that way.

Heh! Those who hate licence fee aren't big fans of Netflix either, what with their pro-choice and anti-freedom of religion documentaries. 

But guess what, they don't have to buy Netflix on pain of prosecution.

It is £3 a week and provides a lot of entertainment and informative news to millions of people.  I’m not going to begrudge that.  I rarely watch tv but at that price it’s worth it just for the website alone IMO.

Netflix is less than £3 a week and Russia Today is free.


The BBC would collapse immediately if people could choose not to pay for it.

Maybe but it is in the public interest to have a media outlet not owned by murdoch or any one individual.  A public broadcaster is worth the cost, it’s less than a few days of a quality newspaper and is updated 24/7 as well as providing outstanding awareness of matters of grave international concern (e.g. green planet 2, plastics etc).