Employment law hedz

If you are in your notice period..


..and you just decide screw it you dont want to work it...is it just a case of not getting paid? 


I assume you cant protect any commission type bonus owed to you, presumably if you dont work your notice period you forefeit that too

You are sick.  Sick in the head.  Call in and tell them so.  

The employer could in theory sue you for related losses, e.g. having to get a temp in to cover your workload.  In reality this is unlikely.

What does your contract say about your bonus?  In many cases bonuses are not paid to people working notice when they fall due.  In some circumstances they are payable.

Its clear on bonus still being paid (just deferred for a bit longer to make sure all monies have been paid by clients and are outside of refund periods) but it doesnt state whether this is dependant on working notice period. 


My reading is that the bonus has already been "earned" 

I am now earning the pay for my notice period, so if I leave early I would expect to lose that, the bonus aspect is not clear.