embarrassing confession for a solicitor round my way but

I mean looking at the salary it must be turbo senior judiciary but I don't understand

why isn't it Judge

tf is a Senator, Scotland, yu so weird

Scotland is so weird


whats a "writer to the signet"?

it really is

writer to the signet is basically a member of a clique of Edinburgh lawyers, like a rubbish private member's club

they tried to get us to sign up when I was an NQ

like £500 for nothing much "but you get a discount if you have your wedding here!!" 

shouldn't have said that they'll send the boys round

I take it back!

so you have to pay to be part of a rubbish private members club for fives years to be able to apply for the role.


Surely that shouldn't be allowed

mental! I just spotted that. I am properly bamboozled. 

I know a guy who is a WS and he continually goes on about it. Makes him sound a proper weapon.

The job title sounds like it should be the headmaster of Judge Dredd's school.