Elton John

At Glastonbury. Will be sensational 

No it won't. I've seen the future. It's not good. Here's his set.















I'm always suspicious of people who say it is their final gig that they will just give into money and temptation and do another one later

Cripes, he really is performing that very much ‘in the club style’ as Vic Reeves used to do it isn’t he?

What mutters said. His voice is totally gone


Me and Mrs H went to a gig on his 'final' tour about 10 years ago

To be fair, I think Elton has kept more of his voice than the other great old-timers.

Macca's esp. now is awfully 'reedy'.

  • He's only good live when in a tiny English village.
  • In America, he puts on the most cringeworthy faux-Yank accent.
  • In stadiums, he's not really stadium style rock.

i would not pay to see him now.

I saw him perform with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in the 1980s.  Serious costumes stuff and an orchestration of his songs.  He was good then.

Wot mutters said.

excellent move getting collaborations on that lockdown albumn, Dua Lipa saved him pretty much. Hope his set is full of guests.

I saw him at Anfield this summer on his "farewell" tour.  Feel cheated now.  Voice very good though but his dancing was a little stiff.

I'm always suspicious of people who say it is their final gig that they will just give into money and temptation and do another one later

I saw the Rolling Stones on their farewell tour in 1990. 

The great thing about that set is most people will be that hammered he'll only need to do a passing impression of himself, and it'll still go off. That would be an amazing thing to see at the Pyramid Stage. Not enough to get me to go to Glastonbury again, but close.

He is going to have to change the lyrics of at least one song though



Glastonbury lost any edge 10 years ago 


reading is just a bunch of identical teenagers throwing beer and other liquids at each other


fade haircut 


whit t shirt 

Stonewashed jeans

nike airs



greasy hair

Gold hoops

crop top


stonewash Jeans

nike airs


what happened to goths????


To be honest, “great songwriter as he is which nobody is allowed to dispute”, I’ve always thought his stuff is sh*t.  Apart from circle of life about the little lion which makes me cry. 

It won't be as good as Macca 2022 or Bowie 2000.

Still glad I've decided to give it up forever due to its unrelenting smelly woke shiteness

Anyone who uses the word “woke” as an insult shouldnt be going anywhere near Glastonbury anyway, you are the opposite of everything it stands for so absolutely correct decision to stay away- try a Tory conference instead

He is one from that era I have never seen, but reckon he could put on a dam good singback and sing along.

My favorite bit of TV from being a kid was Elton on The Muppets with the singing cabbages/ 

Once again GC.

I have never ever voted Tory and have been to 7 Glastos..

But for me this year the woke stuff, along with the toilet provision and overcrowding, had very much moved over from the "something I tolerate with an eye roll as a part of the experience " to "downright awful and ruinous". 

And "woke" became an insult because the left has gone too far the last 4 or 5 years and is now alienating many who would once have been broadly supportive (myself included) and is now thoroughly hateful and narcissistic and as bad as what it used to rail against frankly . IMO.



the term "woke" doesnt come from the British left, it comes from anti racism campaigners in the US.  and has been misappropriated by the right: used in the same trivial and facile way "political correctness" was used in the 80s and 90s.  The right in England are far far more obsessed with culture politics than the left and you are I am afraid aligning yourselves with them.   Try forgetting about culture identity politics for a hot minute and try worrying about the absolute clusterfook of a mess a right wing government has left the country in.

That's economic right winging which is a different thing which I've always disagreed with anyway .

The left now is like a bundle with some economic and general society running stuff which looks appealing with a whole load of culture stuff which looks really toxic and dangerous..

I don't buy products like that 

I've never thought of Elton as especially lefty tbh.

A Remainer for sure but very much a man of the establishment .

Big friends with royalty etc . 


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