Elderly relative - final stage care

Very elderly relative, thought she’d live forever tbh. Got her into a lovely nursing home recently and everyone was busy planning her 100th birthday party for later this year.

Had a call from the home that she was very downhill, cue entire horse of family descending from all over the world to go and see her.  Maybe if they’d actually bothered when she was doing ok I’d be more moved about it by actually I’m just kinda pissed off.

Ive not gone to see her in her final hours (although this final stage care has now gone on for three days) because I saw her more often than half of this lot put together.  It was her younger brother who left me the house in Cardiff many years ago.  

No one is gold digging, she’s far too canny for that and will just leave anything to her children which is as it should be, but I feel irrationally irritated that people who haven’t bothered popping in just for a twenty minute chat when they were in Cardiff are now scrambling and trying to outguilt each other by how arduous their journey to the uk/ to wales was. 

God, people, especially relatives, are such fucking utterly dreadful creatures.  My venting moment, do excuse me.

Please go and see your elderly relative before she dies

I would imagine that it is a terrifying experience 

And she left us, about 20 minutes ago.  Eldest cousin held her hand as she just slipped away.

Not sure how I feel really.

Cheers.  Jasper is snuggling me.  I’m good.  Dogs just *know*!