Edinburgh gave school kids the afternoon off to protest climate change

So now the streets are full of smug little wankers mostly not protesting 

The ones that are protesting keep saying things like I bet you think we should be in school

Not really

Given how many of you will be jobless it seems a bit of a waste of your time. Why not paint another planet earth with a sad face tho.

I particularly enjoyed Richard Branson doing a video supporting the strike from his private island.


And a space programme!!

and every one of those fucking kids is doing the protest this weekend so they're free to go on their package holiday when the holidays start.

Needless to say it rained very lightly and the protest has now stopped.

Clergs - Edinburgh was in Private Eye this wee all about the council's plans to ruin the New Town, did you see the article?

No! I can't imagine what will make it worse. Was it a traffic thing?

Richard Branson. He's past 60 and still trying so hard to be kool


sad man

For ages I thought he was the Phillip green story and now he's kind of permanently sullied in my mind