The Duchess of Cambridge

Crikey - Lillibet doesn't approve of Kate showing off her legs.  What's going on?

I was just worried that the old girl had croaked is all.

Also lol @ the Daily Mail

"recycling a £1,750 dress"

Who the **** spends over a grand on a dress only to wear it ONCE?

Most likely candidate for that is probably Dux, tbf.


I'm not suggesting people shouldn't spend that much. But it's mad to bin a dress after one outing.

She can look nice although levels of smug are wildly off putting however those are probably the worst photos of her I’ve ever seen.

Really??? I think that she looks gorgeous and amazing

Oh god, she's a vain, knock-kneed, tottering, check-sucking, hair tossing nightmare.  She looks like Bambi with external validation issues.

Not sure what "check-sucking" means but with legs like here, I'm sure it's forgiveable. 

I will never understand this cult of celebrity stuff.  It’s odd that people care what Amal was wearing or how much some broodmare’s dress cost.  Wtaf.


She's a highly intelligent and charismatic young woman, and frankly a breath of fresh air in the stale world of upper-class England. 

Bollocks.  She literally paraded herself in front of him in underwear to get his attention.  I’m amazed he didn’t ask if she’d got an up to date vaccine certificate from the vet.

that is basically treason, Teccers, you should be sent to the Tower for insurgent views of such nature. 

She ain’t my royal family bucko.  And I’m not alone in my views.

I like to think she’s flashing her legs in a ‘fuck you granny in law, your grandson is a cheating cunt and I’ll be getting my arse out again soon just to piss you all off’ kind of way

I’m ashamed I clicked the link but cracking legs! She’s very elegant. I r8 k8

I share T’s shame- god The Mail is vile - and marvelled at someone who has to wear heels all the time. I don’t even wear in court anymore.