Dual manager changes...... maybe

The toon - big Rafa walks out, good for him not great for the club or the fans.  Apparently the big mike Ashley argument was over whether or not the £2 coin thrown on the pitch during the last game was a missile or a takeover offer.

Chelsea - waaaaaaaay too soon for frank, but he’s got a load of knowledge about our youngsters as well as the former head of the academy, which we will need because we can’t buy any bugger.  

Petr cech as goalkeeer coach, drogba as strike coach, JT and ACole back as defensive coaches.  We really are just reforming the band at this stage aren’t we.

Thoughts? Maybe bring maka back to mentor the defensive midfielders on how to pass forward? Snigger.

A friend saw Rafa's contract.  It had a massive balloon payment if he stayed until, er.... right about the day he threw the towel in.  Hence why he put up with years of sh1t and was always going to walk right now.

Can't see Frank succeeding at Chelski, especially with a transfer ban.  He seems to have turned into a nice chap now though - people forget when he and John Terry got fined for drunkenly mocking American tourists over 9/11 the day after it.

He’s grown up a bit that’s for sure.  I to do wonder if he would agree with Roman a one year deal where he gets to sort out the club morale, blood some more youth, and try to have a couple of decent cup runs without necessarily worrying about top 4.  

I don’t think that’s outside his abilities, they aren’t bad players for the most part, Sarri just played everyone out of position.  And hey, we’re in the champions league where literally anything can happen.

Chelsea are making the same mistake/playing the same game as united, thinking some unproven ex players will placate the fans while not spending any serious cash. 

Not really like we don’t have the money....  we did just sell Eden hazard.  But which top level manager is either a) available or b) willing to walk in a dressing room where he cannot buy any new players?  Moyes is used to that I suppose lol.

I see Rafa has gone to China.

£12m a year after tax. 

Glad to see the back of the greedy spanish khunt tbh

Welly while we’re on what day you to rumours of united going after Longstaff. 

Is he any good?

will he go?

Yeah he just waited for his balloon payment, realised he wasn’t going to get any funds for new players and thought ‘soddit £12large’.

Welly while we’re on what day you to rumours of united going after Longstaff. 

Is he any good

From the limited I've seen of him, he is very good. Calm and composed on the ball, good passing range and not afraid to be physical. Doesn't seem to be phased at all in taking the step up to first team football. He absolutely bossed the Man City midfield when we beat them last season. But, and it is a big but, he hasn't played a huge amount at a high level and he's already had one fairly serious injury.

I'd be gutted to see him go because it's always great to have a local lad in the team but £25m would probably be too much for Ashley to say no to.

We will replace him with Jack Colback ending his loan to Nottm Forest - "it'll be like a new signing"