Driving to school should be as unacceptable as smoking

A spell has been cast over our streets. Cars hold such an enchanted place in our society that we structure entire cities and housing developments around them, devote vast sums of public money to the roads they need to move around on, and celebrate the companies that make them....

But until owning a bike is as normal for adults as it is for children, until white collar professionals see no stigma in riding the bus to work and until driving to the school gates is as unacceptable as handing a baby a lit cigarette, we’ll be caught in a dangerous enchantment, with no way to wake up.


Don't be absurd not everyone lives within walking distance to school

well they could go back to the olden days of school buses but as if they're going to pay for that

Not everyone does, but if you can use a footpath to reach your school, you should. 

Fucking fascists.  I'm going to start smoking outside of schools now.  Whilst waiting in my car.


Not in a Jimmy Savile way, though, obviously.


Next stop:  the morgue!

I’ll tell that to my 3 year old in September as I wave her off from the door on the 1.8 mile walk to school. 

I’ll wave at her a second time as I drive past her a few minutes later and then carry on past her school on way to work.

In the evening I’ll just tell her rollonfriday’s heffalump says it must be so. 

Does Heffalump even own a bike?

I've never seen him on any of the actual rof cycling threads. 

Average school journey is about 1.6 miles for primary school children, and about 3.4 miles for secondary school children

the average is skewed by very long distances in rural areas

most kids could walk and nearly all would be able to cycle if this country gave even the slightest of shits about decent cycling infrastructure


I live in a city and there are no primary or secondary schools within 2 miles of my house. 

I drive past their school on the way to work

the bus to their school would involve 2 changes 

bite me 

school buses are the answer, schools should have a legal requirement to provide school buses to within say 500m of every students house within their catchment area (obviously would need to be some exceptions but you get the drift)

relatively minor cost but huge advantage for almost everyone.

For once - What Guy said. 

Parents who drive children to school are inevitably huge cunts. 


what stixta said.


how the fvck would you get a school trunk etc on the bank of a bicycle and then travel however many miles across the country

final trip home from school required the services of my old Series IIA land rover and a grand Cherokee.

and in respect of taking a couple of my kids to school that requires a train ride, a plane ride, and a couple of car journeys.

google maps suggests that using a bike would involve two different countries and a ferry as well. not sure that's much better.


depends on the area surely

the catchment area of my kids' school is 500m yet you still get utter khunts driving their kids to school, parking illegally or leaving their fucking engines idling outside the school gates

I get it that some of these might need to drive onto work etc but fucking park a few streets away and walk 


Once you have the comprehensive free bus service set up then there should be a large exclusion zone (I am talking several streets worth) where it is forbidden to drop off around schools to discourage those who insist on continuing to drive

Clubbers, given that you only bother to see your kids a handfull of times a year - driving is okay for you. 

tbf boarding is one good answer to this problem

unless you are delivered by helicopter or private plane

and yes definitely to exclusion zones

as well as compulsory 20mph zones in all urban areas which are actually enforced

Cars are great. I want to have two or three of them and live where my wife and I can both drive to work.

School run parents park like complete fucking bellends round here.

It's actually illegal to have the engine running unnecessarily when stopped (rule 123 Highway Code).

I get that there are some people that it makes sense to drive (Linda being the prime example here). But the point remains that a large number of people drive to school when they could just as easily cycle or scoot or walk. 

My cunt of a neighbour lives closer to the same school and drives his 2003 diesel 4x4 every day (in London) to school - he then drives home and sits in the house wanking all day. 

Presumably schools with a catchment area of less than 500m are non stabby state schools that middle class parents rented a house next door to just  to get their kids in and then moved back to their miles away cheaper housing as soon as they were in.

Point of information: the Highway Code does not have force of law 

If people don’t drive to school how will children be able to understand the relative worth of their parents if they can’t use their cars as a guide.

Point of information, it's given force of law by section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

They are actually expanding the pavements near the primary school up the road from us so kids can walk in safely and painting everything with double yellows to stop the cars just hovering. It clogs up everything when they do as it's a main thoroughfare. Can't wait to see the righteously indignant chaos in September....

It is really about figuring out a way of making it socially unacceptable to drive your kids to school - once we do that 95% of it will stop. 

??? some of them, yes. But you also get utter khunts who live around the corner that drive their kids e.g. if it's raining as they're worried they might melt or something.

Guy, as mentioned above, some people have valid reasons for driving their kids to school. I get more annoyed about the safety aspect from idiot parents blocking safe crossing points etc.

Most schools could probably solve this by banning cars at drop off and pick up times, those that want to drive will have to park a few streets away and make their kids walk for 5 minutes.