Drinkies? Tomorrow looks set to be the sunniest day of the week, so...

How about a convivial pre-prandial in a mutually convenient location, hmmm?

Sorry can’t, will be at an awards ceremony


sadly haven’t even been nominated for one

They've stopped doing that one because she kept winning.

Nothing, Friday just won't be as sunny.  Plus all the pubs will be choked with corporate wanker types on a Friday.  No need to add to their number, eh?

heh @ a lawyer distinguishing himself 

I will be in Londres on Friday ...hence

but still a swift pint on friday might not be a bad thought

Not distinguishing myself ay all.  Re-read last sentence.  Ah well , maybe this will gain more traction tomorrow.  Otherwise I'll just go and have a drink with Stix (which is never a bad idea).

badders mate ...I was pulling your leg. Try to be available on friday also, if you can. been awhile since we last met

Isn't Thursday the new Friday?  I have found the pubs are fuller on a Thurday than  a Friday these days


I’m going to ignore the usual attempts at hijacking and derailing - presumably we are still on for this evening?

Hi Stix,


Sorry, lovely, but I'm going to have to cancel.  Screwed with work and a lot going on with the house move at the moment.  Should be clearer by Friday, if you're still up for it?


Sorry for being impossibly useless.

No, I’m not around on Friday I’m afraid.

You are forgiven.