Down the sports bar with Donny
Donny Darko's … 07 Feb 19 16:43
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So this is depressing. I am in a Middle East city (not my normal one) at the start of what should be my weekend (but I don’t fly home until v.late) killing time and have ended up in a really noisy sports bar which seems to be the only place serving booze and food around where I am. Punters are mainly Indian 20 somethings. I am in a suit and look massively out of place. I feel about 100 years old and very very tired. Entertain me you fvckers!  

I have worn 4” heels for the last two days because of work functions and now my lower back is in spasm. So I too feel about 100 years old. This is also why I am not feeling very entertaining. Sozzles.

On the contrary the thought of you in heels will always be entertaining!


(Sozzles, *rof sleaze mode off*)

Catty tbf you look out of place almost anywhere I've ever seen you.

PS - punchy for the 'spoons to have opened in Riyadh 

Heh, that’s only because you haven’t seen me in a Welsh pub! 

Pretend to be a England/Wales cricket player. That should raise a chuckle amongst the Indians.

Yeah lots of chat about private school fees and the pressures of slave ownership in rhyll...

Heh - I was thinking Leicester until I engaged brain.