Does one barter with an accountant?

Quote is for basic company accounting nothing complex's neither expensive nor cheap but I would usually at least push back a bit - not sure whether that is normal or offensive?

Should one wrangle with an Angle over the price of galangal?

Or quibble with a Sibyl if you do not get a nibble?

I do not haggle with our accountant. I want the account to be motivated to do their job well. That typically comes with being paid properly.

It's fun to charter an accountant
And sail the wild accountancy
To find, explore, the funds offshore
And scourge the sholls of bankruptcy

It can be manly in insurance
We'll up your premium semi-annually
It's all tax deductable
We're fairly incorruptable
We're sailing on the wide accountancy

Heh @ Rufus

 .... have a BATNA with Shatner's Basoon???

You cannot bargain with these people.

Either he dies or you do, that is the only way.

No. It’s important to pay a proper fee to get proper service