Does it get much worse than this

I'm sure there's a rescue centre somewhere in the NT who can not feed their dogs for a few days.  Stick him in a room with them, lock the door, go home for the weekend. 

Not feeding dogs is cruel.  I'd lock him in a unlit swimming pool for the weekend with a dozen crocs.

not really

tbh, morally, torturing dogs is more or less as bad as torturing children. the only argument that it’s not as bad morally, IMO, is that because hurting humans is more transgressive of social norms, maybe you have to be a slightly bigger wrong’un to actually do it. But in any event this guy (if the allegations are true) had some level of interest in seeing small humans being abused


He purchased and installed a shipping container as a venue for his activities. Fu ck me. He was properly invested in it; he really fu cking meant it.

At least we have a solution to what to do with the XL bullies we now have here causing problems; put them with him in his container.

Even the sex cases aren’t going to want this fûcker on their landing. I’m sure he’s going to be popular. 

I am curious to know if chambo knew him though, and whether or not he did, in fact, know his rugby.

39 out of 42 dogs died as a result of what he did to them.  My mind was already struggling to get around the fact that he did this to at least 42 animals, but the knowledge that he effectively sexually tortured 39 of those 42 animals to death is more than my brain can comprehend.

I don't even know what you do with someone like this - I am generally against whole life sentences, but I cannot see how he could ever be released (at least, not with any meaningful level of freedom) - I cannot imagine that there is any amount of therapy that will fix someone so irretrievably broken and make them able to be trusted to function "normally".