does anyone here NOT like painted nails?

like find them creepy or offputting or just less nice than normal?

(I am doing a survey I am generally in favour but have received some complaints)

I never paint my finger nails. I do my toe nails (but they are chipped and need redoing)

I don't do my fingers cos i bite them (gnaw gnaw)

going to get my toes done but anxious they may chip just before my holiday in two weeks

(I know I could do it myself but I am very lazy and impatient)

Painted nails generally look better imo. On women at least

I am struggling to imagine how you came to receive feedback on your toenails?


badders, ML, back in your pervert box

just a preference for the natural, wang

but the natural will offend in sandals

(they are not monstrous just nude looking)

Just go with whatever makes you happy. Most people won’t care either way 

I rarely wear nail polish on my hands. Last time I did was for my wedding and even then they were very neutral. Toes are fine. Need to do mine.

We had a trainee who always had her nails done. Loads of variety of colours and she never gave her nails a rest. Bet they're in a terrible state underneath the paint.

my toe nails are always painted and if you always use the undercoat they are fine underneath the paint.

Not sure I have strong views either way.  Definitely not a fan of ultra long fake painted nails.

Since I went the whole shellac route I can wear nail varnish on my hands. They normally chip like a mofo with normal polish but zero chipping now. WOOP!

Shellac is ace

I have booked a shellac for after work

I think I shall request coral pink

I do like painted nails, toes and fingers, but I don't like the thing where people paint the whole nail in a solid opaque colour all the way out to the edges eeeeagh. 

Understated, solicitor-like nail polish is fine.

Some mad sparkly effort from Lisa's Nailz or whatever looks fucking mental.  Particularly about 5 days in.

I am confused because painting the whole nail is surely the point


Around these parts exposing your toes in sandals would raise questions about your sanity...

If we are talking colour choice, illuminous colours are not great tbh. 

it's nice to know we are warmer than one othe rplace on the planet right now

Coral is the best colour for summer.

I hate manicures (some bint digging at my cuticles makes me feel queasy).  I've always painted my toenails but rarely bothered with my fingernails as they chip so quickly.  I bought myself a home gel nails kit 6 months ago and it's brilliant.  It's really easy to do, the polish is dry straight away so no gingerly picking things up for ages, and I get a good 10 days out of them.

I have been wondering about this, nexis, but my underlying toenails need a bit of a shape

(braced for the cuticle thing tho ugh)

It’s a balmy 13 deg C at the moment... ...though the feckin’ wind is taking the edge of it.

Time for the flip flops cheeky

My nails are silver glitter at the mo and they are fecking awesome!

Jnr G is very keen on painted nails at the age of 3. She’s sporting a fetching royal blue this week. 

I always have both fingernails and toenails painted. Can only do shellac one or twice a year now and then on toes only as my skin got really sensitive to the lamps. Usually do them myself as I hate people touching my feet even though they do a much better job than me.

also hate chips and find Essie ones best 

hm well maybe if she makes my toes a nice shape I can do myself later in the summer

my toe skin is looking a bit old :(

Oopsie - I just accidentally resorted Martians post about coral being a good colour. Clumsy fingers sorry...